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Ten excuses teenagers use to go for a date during school holidays
By Silas Nyamweya | Updated Nov 15, 2018 at 13:06 EAT
A young couple in a date (COURTESY)

For many parents, the idea that their children are dating is a scary outlook

However, due to the current moral degradation in society, many children have already involved in sexual escapades and dating is equally a common phenomenon

For many parents, the idea that their children are dating is a scary outlook. However, due to the current moral degradation in society, many children have already involved in sexual escapades and dating is equally a common phenomenon. This is manifested by the many births and pregnancies occurring during and after national examinations. In many a time, children use various excuses and disguises to keep their parents and or guardians in the dark during such dating rendezvous. Below are ten excuses teenagers use to find an opportunity of being with their “love.”


 1. Going to visit a relative

This excuse is particularly common for children when schools are closed. Your boy will tell you that he wants to visit his grandmother at the village while the real intention is not to meet with the old granny, but to unite with a chick, he saw at the neighbor’s house during the last holiday. Parents should be a worried lot when their girls tell them that they are going to visit an aunt in some estate for no reason!


2. Keshas/ Night Vigil

It is not uncommon to find that some teens did not attend the said Kesha after insisting on going out at night for the function. Some of them appear very humble and may even carry a big Bible while going out to impress their parents. Only God knows where they went or slept after not being seen near the night vigil venue.

3. Educational Trips During Holidays

Many schools do not offer educational trips during school holidays. However, many children still use this excuse to go out. Parents, especially those who don’t follow up on their school’s programs end up allowing their naughty children into these “educational trips.” These parents will get a shocker when they later learn that “the school only organized the trip for two people, their girl, and some mischievous boy.” The results of these “trips” are later manifested through pregnancies and “early marriages.”

4. Going to watch a wedding

I still wonder how their children will dupe some parents that they are going to attend a wedding even on a weekday. Not putting in mind that most weddings occur during weekends and that the children did not contribute anything for the occasion. In the real sense, many of these teens end up somewhere else and which could be a preparation for their marriages.


5. Birthday Parties

Many children are known to fool their parents that they have been invited to attend their friend’s birthday parties. Despite the lack of evidence for this invitation including invitation or birthday cards, the parents are forced to allow their kids into such “parties.” Interestingly, they later learn that no such parties existed in the first place. The person who was said to be celebrating a birthday in December was born in January!


6. Funeral Ceremonies

“Mama, please allow me to attend a funeral of one of my friend’s grandmother” a teenager would request the parent. However, the parent would later be curious about these “funerals” when the teenager seeks the fifth permission in two weeks using the same reasons. Interestingly, the teenager is unable to explain the name of the friend who is bereaved, the name of the dead person, the home or location of the burial.


7. Church Retreats

Many children will inform their parents that they will be attending church organized retreats for the youth or teenagers. While this may be true for some, others use the occasion to meet with their “love of life.” For these teens, the intention of going to these functions is not really to seek spiritual nourishment but for the reasons mentioned.


8. Symposium

Other cunning teenagers trick their parents that the school has organized a symposium during school holidays and that they are required to attend it. These parents get shocked when they later learn that the school does not know about such an activity, leave alone preparing it.


9. Prayer and Fasting 

Some children will tell their parents that they are going at Katoloni for prayer and fasting sessions. Never mind many of these teenagers cannot sustain missing one meal in a day. They can also not pray for more than two minutes. The boy will later be seen roaming around some town with a young girl whom he will call his sister when prodded by a stranger.

10. Going to the market

 Having no substantive excuse left to tell their parents, some children will insist on their parents that they will be going to the market to buy underwear for themselves, even though they are broke like a church mouse. They come back later in the evening without the said cloth knowing that the parent may not have the audacity to check whether they made any purchase.

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