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Girl codes every man should know
By Fay Ngina | Updated Oct 16, 2018 at 14:42 EAT

Women tell each other everything

Never barge in a girl’s night out

If a man is dating a woman or is very close to a woman, there are certain things he should know about women. These codes might help a man understand a woman, especially if the man wants to get into a relationship with her.

  1. Never tell a woman to relax or calm down when you are in an argument, telling her to relax is telling her to do the exact opposite.
  2. Never stand up a lady and in case you happen to stand her up, don’t do it again. There is no woman who likes to be stood up by any man especially on a date. This is because the lady might have gone through a lot to prepare for the date unlike men.
  3. Don’t tell a woman to choose between her friends and you. Girls are very close, if you tell her to choose between you and her friends; she will definitely choose her friends.
  4. Women tell each other everything. If you had sex with a woman and it was good, expect her to tell her friends. If it was bad, she will still tell her friends. This is because women like to get the opinions of their fellow women.
  5. Never date your Ex’s friend. Women stick together when it comes to men. You don’t want to be the person who will break up the friendship of two women. In short, just let go of her and her friends when you break up.
  6. Never barge in a girl’s night out. It is very clear that you wouldn’t want your girl to barge into a boy’s night, the same way she wouldn’t want you to barge into her and her friends having fun. Girl’s night outs are very scared and special to a girl. Don’t ruin it.

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