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6 things that no one tells campus freshmen
By Pamba Ouma | Updated Oct 05, 2018 at 15:57 EAT
The University of Nairobi

Most of you will at least be away from parents and even parental support

 Politics is an unavoidable aspect in the society

Two years ago -with joy- I left the village with my suitcase bearing a few belongings a middle class could afford to start life with. Indeed, a new kind of life began; the campus life.

This is how many have done or yet to do the only difference being some will leave the city unlike me. Well, congratulations for making it to the university or college.

Whether on merit, by choice, chance or all, you made it! As a yet to be elder in campus here is my word for you:

1. Know that you are fresh. You will be referred to as a fresher -not offensive- have joy for you are fresh. But remember your freshness should only be determined by the fact that your face is new on the institution. Nothing more!

2. You have to fight for your life. Most of you will at least be away from parents and even parental support on certain thing shall be cut. Friends are ready to box out for your space in life lest someone grabs it from you.

3. Ladies: You will definitely take any number of baths in a day as you wish. While doing this, know for a fact, "the floor of bathrooms in the university are very slippery." Walk through them very carefully.

The moment you decide to take a side glance you shall be on the floor. This happens to be the only unwritten campuses rule the 'team tigers' and 'team hyenas' will not tell you. May you remember this for all your time that the "bathrooms are indeed slippery."

4. Politics is an unavoidable aspect in the society. You will have to participate in it. They shall make you howl all night and even go crazy but take care not to groom leaders who will in the near future lead this country into undesirable direction.

5. Learning will be just commencing after the twelve years rehearsal. Sleep not; source knowledge beyond your area of learning. Broad minds live through with ease, when opportunities knock area you may be better placed to run away with it.

6. "Live your life" as you wish but know that the relations you start and advance today mean a lot for your future. They shape it! Whether you come from the city, slum or village cope with everyone; just cope! After all this is a Society. Live consciously, enjoy your stay in your respective universities and colleges.

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