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Uhuru asked to take pay cut instead of increasing tax on fuel
By Honesty Oimbo | Updated Sep 12, 2018 at 15:22 EAT
President Uhuru Kenyatta

The government should reduce the salaries of CSs, governors and Members of Parliament

The government should also increase VAT – to about 70 percent – on goods and services which are injurious to human health

There is no need for the government to overtax a deprived peasant who rarely makes fifty shillings a day. That is why VAT should not be imposed on petroleum products because these are largely used by moneyless Kenyans.

Is it really honourable to use all the day’s sweat on VAT?

As a spokesman of the peasant, I recommend the following means or policies to be adopted in raising revenue to bridge budget deficit, and even settle public debts, of our great country.

First, the government should reduce the salaries of CSs, governors, Members of Parliament, Judges and other high ranking Civil Servants by 25 percent.

This will automatically raise millions if not billions, hence no necessity to overload the poor mwananchi by a selfish, desperate fuel tax.

Secondly, no business building on riparian land should be demolished. Instead, the government should take 80 percent of the profit that the owners make – this is not much because a pauper in Kenya is supposed to pay 16 percent VAT when traveling.

This would raise a lot of income for the government considering that there are many commercial buildings on riparian land all over the country.

The government should also increase VAT – to about 70 percent – on goods and services which are injurious to human health like cigarettes, alcohol products, red meat, brothels, etc.

Now, it is common knowledge that men and women drink alcohol and smoke and eat nyama choma as a lifestyle, not aware that they are destroying their health with intoxication.

Instead of harassing the drunkards let the government impose 70 percent VAT on all alcoholic products, brothels and other unhealthy goods.

This is a sure avenue to raise some billions without infringing on the rights of poor Kenyans who cannot afford a glass of clean water.

Last but most importantly, the government has a dream of achieving the big four agenda. Therefore any government official – be it a teacher, a doctor, nurse, police officer, the army, name them – has an eminent role of making sure that the government succeeds in delivering the Big Four Agenda.

There are more than one million government Servants in our sovereign nation. Each of them should pay, apart from the mandatory monthly tax, Sh1500 to help the government that has employed them to achieve its development goals.

This would be like a trickle-down effect from those who have to those who have nothing at all –this is better than persecuting the underprivileged Kenyans with VAT on petroleum.

Many may consider the above peasant policies pure garbage as compared to the so-called expertly crafted policies of IMF, but they make sense to the pauper nevertheless. Let the president consider this humble opinion.

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