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Comical post on Uhuru’s ‘weng’ during meeting with Trump goes viral
By Waruguru wa Kiai | Updated Aug 29, 2018 at 14:57 EAT
President Uhuru meets President Trump

This is a comical post on President Uhuru's speech during his meeting with President Donald Trump

You people, remind me to ask President Kenyatta a few questions, when He gets back from 'ruraya'. These questions will focus heavily on his introductory remarks to the 'watu ya magazeti of abroad' and how he left me both shocked and shocked. Well, don't get me wrong, I have always known that he could speak English well well, but heeeeeeee ma! what he 'talked' yesterday, next to Trump, was not our regular English oh...

Mr. President sat upright like he was about to say 'ndunguzanguni' or 'irregardless' before proceeding to lean his tall form forward like he always does when he is about to launch those Rural Electrification Programs in the villages. Noting that I had seen Madam Monica Juma walking with a bloated bag, I expected someone to pass the President those 678 pages of boring speeches that all begin with 'Fellow Kenyans and distinguished guests' but suprisingly, no speech folder was passed. Before I give you a summary of his speech, it was worth noting that the President shook hands with Trump like he had been watching Citizen's TV Reggae Jam session all through his flight. The way he suddenly swelled and began to expand, filling half the room, as President Trump shook his hand indicated one thing and one thing only, nobody could stop Reggae.

Anyway, back to President Kenyatta's speech. I was ready to go back to watching Khum Khum Bagya when he started by saying, " weng weng weng President Trump weng weng weng Melania weng weng weng strong ties weng weng weng since independence weng weng weng trade weng weng weng American Companies weng weng weng so yeah weng weng fruitful discussions weng weng weng Kenya Trade weng weng weng thank you Trump weng weng United States"

No english of the nose was left unmentioned by this our son of Jomo and not once did he say 'eh eh eh' or 'irregardless'. All the englich of nose that First Lady Margaret would have spoken, the President 'talked it'. Well, all in all, He did not 'angusha Jeshi' those White People will know we showed up eh. However, upon his return, a manual should be developed, preparing us in advance, of his different 'engrich accents' both locally and Internationally. We cannot be suprised like everyone else when the 'weng' kicks in.

Otherwise, weng weng guddei.


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