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RIGHT PLACE WRONG TIMING? Wedding ‘interrupted’ after England scored against Sweden [PHOTOS]
By Mirror | Updated Jul 11, 2018 at 13:23 EAT
Wedding was interrupted after England goal

A special moment between a bride and groom was interrupted after England scored against Sweden at the worst possible time

Weddings are memorable occasions filled with special moments for the bride and groom and all their guests to enjoy.

There's the first kiss, the first dance and of course cutting the cake.

But one couple's celebration was interrupted on Saturday thanks to the World Cup, reports DevonLive.

Jenna and Mike Coysh tied the knot in Devon on July 7 and were kind enough to screen England's quarterfinal match against Sweden during their wedding breakfast for guests to enjoy.

But the game proved to be quite the distraction - especially at one particularly important moment.

As the happy pair stood to cut the cake, Harry Maguire scored the first goal for England, causing the wedding guests to go wild.

The hilarious moment was captured on camera by event videographer Tommy Rowe of Rowe Films in Exeter.

A clip from the footage shows guests cheering as the ball goes into the net, before cutting to the bride and groom.

The pair seems oblivious to the interruption to their big day, and instead can be seen leaping around and grinning - with Mike still brandishing the large knife with which he was meant to cut the cake.

Speaking to DevonLive, Tommy said the moment was "absolute gold".

He said: "They managed to hook up a projector and the game was on during the wedding breakfast.

"It was swelteringly hot, but the atmosphere was just celebration all round.

"The projector lost signal a couple of times and the lads ran over to fix it. Amazing stuff!"

England went on to beat Sweden 2-0, earning a place in the World Cup semi-finals.

A peak audience of 19.9 million people watched the Three Lions win according to the BBC - including Jenna and Mike's guests at the Kingston Estate in Totnes.

They will now face Croatia tonight.

The match will mark the first time in 28 years that England have made it to the final four.

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