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RELATIONSHIPS: Crazy reasons why your lover may ‘ghost’ you
By Silas Nyanchwani | Updated Jun 28, 2018 at 09:03 EAT
Hav eyou ever ghosted someone? [COURTESY]

Have you ever ghosted someone?

Here's why people in relationships usually ghost each other

The stupidest thing I ever did on campus is disappearing on a girl I had intensely chased after.

She was one of the most beautiful classmates with the best pair of dimples I had ever seen. At first, I was into her, body, mind and soul. And after a few encounters, I discovered that there was no chemistry, especially on my part. I lived with one philosophy, if I felt that I will not treat a girl right, I left her for someone who will appreciate her.

But when I left her, I never said anything. I just evaporated. I don’t know the kind of emotional pain I may have caused her for that one silly move.

Every day girls are dumped in campus via sign language or by radio silence. It can be agonising. Why do men do it? I know even girls do it. Actually, a few years down the line, some girl vanished on me, leaving me kwa mataa. Talk about Karma.

Anyway, if you are ever dumped in this stupid way, don’t take it personally. There are reasons for this. The man could be immature. The man could be stupid. He could be too shy to know how to package the information. It is never easy breaking the sad news to someone. Sometimes you give time responsibility to sort that niggling problem for you.

Don’t blame yourself, unless, there is something stupid you did as to incite him to break up with you. Life in the 20s is all about trials, as they say, you will kiss several frogs before you meet your Prince Charming. Some of the frogs pop up and disappear.

It is a learning curve. Forgive the boy, and know you are destined for better. You are young, and the dating pool has better fish than the ghosting boy.

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