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Kenyan celebrities who confessed to being HIV positive

HIV/AIDS is among the most feared diseases not only in Kenya but in the world. To some, being infected by HIV will be like the death sentence and thus they will prefer to keep it upon themselves. 

Very few people will come up to the public to reveal their status. Being tested positive for the virus as a celebrity is nearly impossible to let the world know but some have shown courage and announced their status to the public. 

Below are celebrities that confessed being HIV positive, 


Frigacy born George Kihara was the first Kenyan celebrity to confess being positive the disease way back in 2013. 

During an interview with the Nairobian, the Mapenzi hitmaker revealed that he was hooked to drugs at age 16 while in form 2. He continued taking drugs till he completed his high school education in 2010 where he now made drinking, smoking drugs and partying full-time job. 

However not long after too much parties in the Nairobi's local clubs and pubs, Frigacy tested positive for HIV. 

After much of encouragement, Frigacy came accepted his status and announced it to the public. 

A year later after confession, Frigacy died under mysterious circumstances. 

Joji Baro

The gospel gay artist once broke the news of being a HIV victim to the public and his fans were caught by surprise. Joji Baro is well known for his strong fight for the rights of Gays and Lesbians in Kenya. 

According to a Facebook post written by Facebook blogger Cabu Gah, Joji became gay after joining high school. 

While at St Paul's Miluki high school, Joji entered into a romantic relationship with a Catholic priest where he was priest's girlfriend. 

Not long after the two falling in love, Joji was approached by two Journalists from a local newspaper and forced at gunpoint to confess his relationship with the priest. It was a day later that Baro made headlines in the newspapers across the country. 

On March 11, 2011, He tested positive of the virus and it is from then that his family abandoned him.

Richard Amouk

The Guru Hip Hop star is famous for the largest music bands of late 90's , Achong Pong Clan and Ukoo Flani. 

Richard Amouk lived a life on the first lane and he partied with girls in most of the Nairobi's nightclubs.

Not long after enjoying life, Amouk began exhibiting signs and symptoms of HIV but ignored for a while. 

Later in 2010 after ailing for long, Amouk went to test for HIV and shocking enough, he was positive. 

In 2012, after two years of denial, Amouk came to accept his status and made it public.