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PHOTOS: Donald Trump spectacularly fails to land a kiss on the cheek of an American ambassador
By Mirror | Updated Jun 09, 2018 at 09:39 EAT
Trump went in for the kiss [COURTESY]

This is the moment Donald Trump spectacularly fails to land a kiss on the cheek of an American ambassador.

The cringe-worthy exchange was filmed as US President was greeting diplomat Kelly Knight Craft ahead of a G7 summit held in Quebec, Canada this weekend.

It was all going well as Trump met a series of dignitaries after touching down in Air Force One.

Footage shows how Trump leans into place the peck on Craft's cheek but awkwardly kisses air instead – while dozens of onlookers watch on.

Social media users have taken to Twitter to express their bemusement at the embarrassing exchange.

One user wrote: “WTF, did he plant one on her eyebrow, eyelid, temple? Hope her upper, right arm isn’t sore. He really grabbed it.”

Another said: NOT appropriate, either. Is that how he greets Jeff Sessions or Secretary Mnuchen?

The US president hasn't had much luck outside planes recently.

Earlier in the year, he was ridiculed as his comb-over made a break for it as he boarded the presidential aircraft en route to West Virginia

Trump will hope for a more straightforward reception as he continues his meeting with western leaders at the G7 summit in Quebec City, Canada.

But given his much-criticised threat of trade tariffs, he's unlikely to get one.

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