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‘My ex-boyfriend attempted suicides before, I am not to blame for his death’ — Chuka University student
By James Mwangi | Updated May 25, 2018 at 07:56 EAT
Kelvin and Njeri were said to be dating [COURTESY]

The girlfriend of the Chuka University student who committed suicide has spoken

A second-year Computer Science is said to have taken his own life after he found out that his girlfriend was sleeping with other men

A female student from Chuka University has denied claims that she is the reason her boyfriend Kelvin Mugendi committed suicide on April 14.

Kelvin, a second-year computer science student hanged himself allegedly because his girlfriend Stella Njeri Kagendo (pictured) dumped her for another man.

Mugendi, in a suicide note stated that: “You were a friend, a person I could confide in, and most importantly, a lover. I trusted you. I gave you my heart hell! I even gave you my life….The cuddles we shared, the kisses, the sex, we even have a (joint) bank account. Congratulations it’s now all yours. Now that I cannot live without you, now that you judged and gave me a command. Now that you shouted at me from inside your room with your boyfriend that I should go kill myself and even asked for my suicide note, well here it is my love”.

After days of silence, Njeri (pictured insert with Kelvin) has countered claims that she drove him to suicide, saying her ex boyfriend had attempted suicide a few years back and early this year.

“I want to make it clear that I am not to blame for his death. He had attempted suicide three times - when he was in Form Three with a school tie, and another time with rat poison. In both cases, I was not the cause,” she posted on the varsity’s Facebook page.

“He had told me in January that if I left him, he would use all means to embarrass me. He also threatened to kill me, but I remained calm,” she added.

Njeri said Kelvin attempted suicide in January and was admitted at Chuka General Hospital for seven days.

“He was left alone to deal with alcohol abuse and missing classes. Regarding the account, I would like to ask fellow comrades this, ‘how much can a first and second year afford to save in a bank? How much have you saved? He only used it against me because he had threatened to do it, not once but several times,” Njeri wrote.

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