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Six types of roommates everyone had in campus
By Ivy Aseka | Updated Apr 26, 2018 at 08:26 EAT
Campus Roommates [Photo: Kampusville]

During my first semester in campus, I had this roommate that was a lot like the weather, inconsistent with her mood

One time she is the jolly fairy out of a Disney movie. The next, she is the wicked stepmother. It drove me to the wall

One week in, I was exiled. I like to believe that she did more than exchange notes with that gentleman. Roommates make a number of people antsy. This is because you do not know whether you will end up with the fairy or the evil witch. Roommates you’re likely to have on campus:

The married one

This was my first roommate. If you are not stern and careful enough, you’ll find yourself homeless as they lock you out of your room, exchanging bodily fluids and diseases every other day of the week. The exile comes without notice or warning. When not in your room, they spend time at the spouse’s.

The invader

This roommate does not understand the concept of walls or boundaries. It is hard, impossible even, to conceive that there’s such a thing as personal space. Your salt is their salt, your toiletries, theirs. This roommate comes with such great needs, Red Cross would not be able to provide. The invasion does not stop there. They are also nosy and something-sayers.

The Business Person

For them, the hostel provides ample space to run an empire. They are the only printer and typing service provider in the entire hostel, and somehow still manage to run a very profitable mandazi and chapati business. Next month, they will start selling eggs.

The Bookworm

Yours might be the only table on campus that is used for reading and not a display for the music system. This roommate reads every day of the week and lucky for you, stays out of your business.

The High Court Judge

It is highly likely that they are ardent followers of one of the thousands of prophets claiming to be immortal.

As such, your room has been turned into a shrine for repentance meetings and exorcism rituals.

Each time someone of the opposite sex comes for a visit, they are treated to songs on the importance of chastity.

The Nasty Drunk

Campus provided the platform for them to realize that their liver is strong. Monday is a great a day as any to get drank silly. They rarely attend class and yet manage to ace their exams.

The last time they took a shower, maziwa ya nyayo was still in circulation.

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