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HANDS OFF! Why student leaders should stop 'chewing' our girlfriends
By Collins Osanya | Updated Apr 13, 2018 at 10:47 EAT
Man flirts with lady [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Have you been to Kericho and had your eyes waft along the lush green of the tea plantations?

Have you marveled at the exquisiteness of royal canes of sugar standing reverent in western Kenya?

Have you been struck by a beauty so divine it gives the feel of drinking Fanta passion competition?

She was exquisite, and before any of us in first year could extract some tea or sugar out of her, a dubious student leader swept her off her feet, slithered his way into her pants, chewed her the way we chew Big G then deported his male member and attention out of her ‘country’ without any ceremony.

My sisters in first and second year, now that I’m a finalist, I confidently tell you that fourth years or working-class men are neither mature nor good for you. Be in a relationship with men your age, you’ll learn that all men are the same.

We all cheat and lie. Student leaders, in their fifty-dollar suits, are no exemption. Learn to tone down the aphrodisiac effect of power – which in essence is the attraction to a man who is sort of powerful or owns some form of authority. It’ll suit you not to sleep with any unless he waits for a year before you give it to him.

Union bosses, sit down. Be humble. You were students before the little authority you now own betrayed you into thinking you are a ‘Kiongozi’. Be a student, drain your ego and walk around campus like the rest of us. Do not be a politician, behaving like everyone owes you everything. Or a wannabe politician like Tony Mochama would write. I understand most of you didn’t own the ability to charm a yellow yellow girl before your election into office.

Now that you are in office, go easy on our girls, just seduce one and have her be your girlfriend. It’s unfair and immoral when you guys entice our girlfriends with pizza, tickets to the movies and free drinks in clubs then eat and dump them. Look around you, how many national leaders have been in trouble because of having a big appetite?

Now, may the girls in fourth year who while in first year went for student leaders, fourth-year guys and working-class men step forward.

Are you still dating them? What made them better than us who are now in the fourth year like you?

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