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Powerful State officer blackmailing MPs - threatens to revive their corruption dealings
By Grapevine | Updated Apr 12, 2018 at 08:03 EAT
Inside Parliament - Kenya [COURTESY]

A senior State officer is said to be blackmailing MPs from his area

Grapevine reports that he usually threatens to revive their corruption dealings if they don't sing to his tune

A powerful State officer has resorted to blackmailing MPs from his home area to sing his tunes and to project himself as the region’s most powerful man.

Members of Parliament from the region were yesterday overheard complaining that the man has been threatened them that if they don’t support his activities they will not get any “favours” from the government.

Some of the MPs have also been threatened that if they don’t toe the line some of their corruption dealings would be revived.

The officer who has made it a routine to visit his home county every weekend has also demanded of the MPs to accompany him whenever he attends a function in the area.

Leaders who were initially opposed to the man have since succumbed to his bulldozing.

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