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Campus Vibe
A new dawn for Mount Kenya University Nakuru campus
By Kevin Rotich | Updated Mar 20, 2018 at 15:53 EAT
Mt. Kenya University main campus [COURTESY]
  • Mount Kenya University, Nakuru satellite campus welcomed a new set of leaders to sit in the students' leadership council
  • The students' council is composed of office of the president, deputy president, and other ministers 

Recently, Mount Kenya University, Nakuru satellite campus inducted a new set of leaders to sit in the highly coveted Mount Kenya University Students Association (MKUSA). The council is composed of office of the president, vice-chairperson, finance, academics, social welfare, and sports.


It was very early in the morning, on the election’s day, when the skies were darkish and cool, exhibiting tell-tales of no rainfalls sooner or later, and in the background, chirping of birds to form a melodious chorus, transcending through the ambiance.

After months of debilitating campaigns, the election’s D-DAY was finally here. From the start, the election had promised to be a grueling marathon. However, to some, the rigors of campaigns were not that too enticing.

The election's D-DAY was rather cool and serene. This was in clear contrast with the previous elections which were marked with boisterousness.

At 8:00 AM, the voting process had already kicked off but rather at a snail pace. Nonetheless, past 12 noon, the voting process had already been done and dusted. Then, it was time for votes counting.

When the Presidential vote counting was still underway, it was crystal clear that Anthony Too alias Anto was going to carry the day. Fortunately and luckily, due to his unwavering support, he won the contest in a landslide fashion.

There was also a stiff competition in the Social Welfare docket. In the first round of the election, the two candidates had tied up with 28 votes each. As a result of that unprecedented move, a re-run between the two candidates was called for.

The re-run was slated for Monday. Furthermore, after re-run, and vote counting, Festus Ataparus was eventually declared as the overall winner.

Apart from the aforementioned winners, also, there were other winners who were vying for different seats. First of all, Jonah Lanyasunya was the favourite for the sport's docket. This was so because he was unopposed.

Secondly, Roselyn Irungu clinched the Vice-chairperson seat. Thirdly, Shelmith Wachira won the finance position. Lastly, Shaldron Chemai ran away with the academic docket.


In MKUSA hierarchical structure, the president is the overall head of the students' council. More so, s/he receives briefings from other elected ministers and high-ranking officials in the Mount Kenya University fraternity.

These individuals may include Heads of various departments, Director/deputy director, Lecturers and dean of students.

The deputy to the president or Vice-chairperson. He/she is second in command just after the president whose work is to extend a helping hand to the president, if and when required. When a need may arise, she may be installed as the temporary president.

This may only be effected if and when the president is proven beyond any reasonable doubt of either being of an unsound mind or incapacitated from performing his duties. Also, this may also be applied, if and when the president is on a short or long hiatus/recess.

Bottom the pecking order in the students' council, lies different dockets chauffeured by various ministers. These ministers are solely responsible for their own dockets. In some instances, they may seek countless of counsels from their own bosses, the president, and even the deputy president.

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