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Senior officer kicks lover out over remarks about child
By The Grapevine | Updated Mar 20, 2018 at 08:13 EAT
Top officer kicked lover out [shutter stock]
  • A senior officer kicked his lover out over remarks about his child
  • The lover in a drunk state said the officer is not the biological father of their son
  • She said the child's father is in Mombasa

A top police officer has kicked out his girlfriend from an apartment he rented for her in an upmarket estate.

Grapevine has learned that the senior officer was infuriated by the woman’s act of telling all and sundry in her stupor that the married man was not the father of her son.

This annoyed the nonsense officer who had been made by the woman to believe that he was the one who sired the teenager.

The woman is also reported to have told the son – in her state of drunkenness– that his real father was in Mombasa and that the officer ni baba wa mkate na maziwa (he just puts bread on the table).

The “cuckolded” officer is still reeling in shock for being played big time.

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