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Western Kenya lawmaker causing chaos in marriages
By Grapevine - Standard | Updated Mar 16, 2018 at 10:05 EAT
Parliament - Kenya [COURTESY]

Grapevine reports that a Western Kenya MP is involved in an affair with a married woman

He has become a source of pain to the very men who voted him to office

An MP from Western Kenya is causing havoc in marriages in his constituency and neighbouring areas.

It is not the first time the lawmaker is involved affairs with married women as a couple of months ago he was entangled in a similar affair with a woman married to a prominent family in the region.

His dalliance with the woman from the renowned family nearly dented his relationship with his party boss, since the lady in question was married to his nephew.

Locals have started lamenting while other legislators are busy pushing for development agenda, their MP has become a source of pain to the very men who voted him to office when he had nothing to woo people of the fair gender.

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