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The new season unveiled -Psalms 118:14-29
By Rev. Ambrose Nyangao | Updated Feb 25, 2018 at 10:01 EAT
Rev. Ambrose Nyangao
  • Joshua faced a new season in his life and the life of the Israelites
  • He had the promises of God before him

We are in a new season of the Lord’s divine appointments. God is unveiling it to us through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Each one of us must seek to enter this season.

It is a land of milk and honey. It is a land to be possessed. It is a land that is your inheritance and your portion.

It is a place of renewal and refreshing. It is a place of healing and restoration. It is God’s divine favor connecting with the impossibilities of life and turning them into possibilities. Step up in faith. What must you connect to?

1. God’s opportunities (Psa 118:19-20)

2. God’s wisdom (Psa 118:6-9)

3. God’s ability (Psa 118:14-17)

Joshua faced a new season in his life and the life of the Israelites. God began to operate in a new way (Josh 5) towards him. He had the promises of God before him.

He also had the God of promise ready to unveil his victory upon victory. This is your divine status in this year.

Put on your seat belt. We are about to take off into God’s divine appointments.

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