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Seven mysterious things women do after sex that men will never realise
By Robert Abong'o and Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 21, 2018 at 09:22 EAT
Man confused in bed [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Women take time to prepare for intimacy with their partners.

Preparation includes shaving, buying new lingerie and even changing the bedsheets. All these efforts are easy to notice and as a man, you have to appreciate them

After an intimate love-making session, sometimes your girl doesn’t have the enthusiasm to do things.

She got to her peak and is now winding down. There are things she will do that she won’t want you to know.

These are some of the things she will do after you have had sex with her:

Compare you to the other guy

It is the last thing you will believe but it happens. Your girl will put your performance alongside her previous guys and make comparisons. Although they won’t make a difference in your affair, she can’t help but notice who has the prowess between the two of you. 

Check time

Your girl wants to know how long the both of you were at it. She won’t ask you because she wants to appear unconcerned about the length of the session. She, however, marked the beginning and now she can judge your performance in bed based on how long you lasted.

Check the rubber

While she knows you both preferred to use protection, she has heard stories of them bursting or being left in the cookie jar. She will steal a glance to see if you still have it on and whether it is as it should. She knows you don’t want to talk about burst and lost condoms so she finds out by herself.

Take water, for re-hydration

You will see your girl reach out of a glass of water almost immediately. If you asked, she will say it’s because she has had an exciting trip to the moon and back. The truth is, she is soothing your ego- she takes the water to re-hydrate and to kill chances of getting a UTI.

Debate on whether to clean up

She made the bed freshly just for the moment that has just passed. Now she is torn between changing the sheets once again or leaving the mess you created to dry. She also contemplates on whether to jump into the shower right away or stay and cuddle.

Self-body check

It is common for your girl to disappear into the bathroom just after you two have finished. She wants to check on how things are down there and she understands it would spook you out if she did it right in front of you.

Run to pee

Do not frown about her cutting your cuddling moment to go and empty her bladder. Chances are she doesn’t want to encourage the thought of contacting the UTIs that come with steamy sessions of intimacy. 

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