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Teenager plunges to her death while trying to 'save her phone'
By Wainaina Ndung'u | Updated Feb 21, 2018 at 08:27 EAT
Handset had slipped out of her hands

A girl died while trying to save her phone after it slipped from her hands in a moving vehicle

The 18-year-old was a merchandise promoter 

An 18-year-old merchandise promoter yesterday died in a vain attempt to retrieve her mobile phone.

The handset had slipped out of her hands while she was riding on a promotion truck and landed on the road.

The teenager's skull crushed on the tarmac after she jumped from the moving vehicle on the Meru-Maua highway.

Tigania West OCPD Adamson Furaha said the girl was among promotion staff for a telecom provider doing roadshows.

She jumped from the moving vehicle to recover her phone which had slipped from her hands.

The OCPD said the caravan was from Meru heading to Maua.

The accident occurred near Kaithe market in Imenti North.

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