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Eight common dangers sexual addiction poses to women
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 20, 2018 at 14:06 EAT
Sexual addiction causes major setbacks
  • Sexual addiction doesn't choose gender or age of its victim
  • Women, just like men have at times have to deal with addiction to sex without letting those around them know
  • Whichever way one chooses, sexual addiction has its effects on an individual

Compulsive participation or engagement in sexual activity, particularly sexual intercourse despite negative consequences is a topic that many don’t want to linger on. This is referred to as Sexual addiction or simply sex addiction. As much as the society ignores talk about this condition, it lives amongst us and its cruel hand leaves a mark in the lives of those it touches.

This just like many sexual disorders affects men as well as women. Men are known to sugarcoat their situation by going after as many women as they can. Women, on the other hand, are forced to suppress and deny their situation lest the society judges.

This means they are affected a big deal with many hiding their problem from their loved ones. The dangers that come with female sexual addiction, include but are not limited to;

Low self-esteem

When you are highly sexual, you'll always feel super sexy and hot but this may work against you. Your high libido may force you to seek pleasure in some slutty and dingy places, leaving you ashamed. Getting constant refusals from men will make you feel less attractive hence breaking your self-esteem.


It’s hard to find a man who will match your pace when you're a sexy lady. The men you'll meet may not be constantly ready like you and turning their moods on will feel like work. Thus you're unlikely to get what you want. This may hurt you and break your heart.

Sexual thoughts cloud your mind

You'll always be desperate because of your hypersexuality. Sometimes your boyfriend is less into sex than usual, forcing you to be sexually frustrated. You'll thus come up with ways to initiate sex that will always work for you. Some highly sexed women say touching themselves while looking at their boyfriends’ will turn them on. Hence they are forced to join the party.

Sex beats all other priorities

If your sex drive is one that can move mountains, you'll force it on your man to get things going. You want to end up getting your way with him thus you propose a sex-schedule.

You want him to have all the time to prepare and also have something to look forward to. Highly sexed women say guaranteed sex is good any day, even if it lacks spontaneity.

Relationship fights

When you're a sexed-up woman, your loins will always be on fire. You will thus wish for things to work out for you on every night. But your boyfriend may be less sexual and this will always result in fights when you try to drive him on. You'll always frown at his inadequacies and limitations to measure up.

Porn and masturbation

A sexed-up lady has a constant sexual energy spouting like molten lava. This fuels her creativity to cool down things. That steady sexual energy can make one a sexual pervert if it's not released. I thought you should know.

Series of relationships

You want things to work out. If your boyfriend is the type who can't match your sexual pangs, you'll part ways for greener pastures.

Incredibly, horny women never date guys who can't keep up with them sexually for long. They look for men with matching libidos.

It gets awkward when men turn you down

We live in a society where it's men who ask for sex from women. That's perfectly fine. Women are strangely not seen as sex-seeking beings; it's weird when dynamics shift and she opens up to want sex. That will be out of line.

You will be seen as dirty and lewd. This will hurt such a woman who has unlocked her heart and opened up herself in a unique way. Women say when they get turned down in that state of sexual vulnerability, they break down into distress.

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