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Meet Romeo, the lonely frog trying his luck with online dating
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 13, 2018 at 11:00 EAT
Romeo is looking for his 'Juliet'
  • Romeo, a Bolivian frog and the lat of his species is trying his luck on online dating
  • Conservations concerned with the little time he has to mate before he becomes extinct opened an online dating account for him
  • Romeo has made mating calls for around 10 years
  • His species have a lifespan of 15 years

Conservation groups have teamed up with dating site Match.com in attempts to find a mating partner for an 11-year-old frog named Romeo in an attempt to save his species. The Sehuencas water frog from Cochabamba City, Bolivia has not had a partner for the last 10 years and is the last known individual of his species.

Sehuencas water frogs have a lifespan of an estimated 15 years meaning Romeo doesn’t have much time to save his species.

According to the researchers, Romeo has been making mating calls for years and they still hope they can find him a mate, and in the process ensure his species doesn’t go extinct.

Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) and the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative seek to raise awareness for Romeo’s story as well acquire funds for an expedition to find him a mate.

Romeo's dating profile

“Not to start this off super heavy or anything, but I’m literally the last of my species,” Romeo’s touching profile reads.

In the dating profile video, Romeo’s Voice Over, done in Spanish explains his dire need to find a mate fast. The tone explains who he Romeo is and what he likes to do before asking for help in finding his ‘Juliet’.

"My situation is a little bit more urgent. If I don't find that one special lady soon, my entire species will be gone as we know it. No pressure. So, if you believe in love and want to help an old frog out, please donate to my cause. Adios, amigos."

They are now searching streams and rivers in Bolivia for a female with whom Romeo can mate before it’s too late.

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