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Twitter wars: Kenyans show disappointment as Boniface Mwangi takes on Kipchumba Murkomen
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 10, 2018 at 12:27 EAT
Boniface Mwangi attacks Kipchumba Murkomen
  • Boniface Mwangi engaged Kipchumba Murkomen in twitter wars where their followers dived in
  • The activist accused the Senator of being one of those involved in the NYS funds saga
  • Most of their followers were not pleased with the insultive exchange that followed

Award-winning Kenyan photojournalist, politician and activist Boniface Mwangi has received a backlash after a twitter attack on Majority Leader of the Senate Kipchumba Murkomen. This reaction came after the former Starehe MP Aspirant posted on his twitter handle making vile accusations against the Elgeyo Marakwet County Senator.

In his tweet, the controversial activist responded to Murkomen’s attack on Justice Chief Maraga on Wednesday 7 February where the justice issued a statement warning both government officials and private citizens who disobey court orders citing that it’s a violation of the constitution.

“Compliance with court orders is not an option for any individual or institution. Neither is it a favor to be doled out to the Judiciary… All state officers take an oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution. To disobey a court order is not only a violation of the Constitution but also a dereliction of public duty,” read part of Maraga’s statement.

Justice Maraga's statement

Murkomen pounced on Maraga’s tweet responding that Justice Maraga is interfering with judicial independence.

“On what legal basis does a CJ issue a press statement on a matter which is alive in court? Isn’t the CJ interfering with judicial independence? Can’t he wait for his time to hear the matter in SCORK? Judges speak from the bench through rulings and judgments not press statements,” he tweeted. 

On what legal basis does a CJ issue a press statement on a matter which is alive in court ? Isn’t the CJ interfering with Judicial independence?can’t he wait for his time to hear the matter in SCORK?Judges speak from the bench through rulings and judgements not press statements https://t.co/78DTbaPpWZ

— KIPCHUMBA MURKOMEN, E.G.H (@kipmurkomen) February 7, 2018

His response triggered plenty of emotions as many followers got upset with his remarks. One response, however, went further than the legislator hoped. Boniface Mwangi charged at him accusing him of acting in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta among other things.

Following Mwangi’s tweet, the Senator responded, calling the former uncivilized and lacking intellectual capacity.

God has blessed me in a manner you can only envy. Sore & bitter losers are always uncivilized. Since you don’t have the intellectual capacity to engage me I can understand why your language revolves around human rear part and it’s waste. https://t.co/CfOF9awLMo— KIPCHUMBA MURKOMEN, E.G.H (@kipmurkomen) February 9, 2018

This response prompted the activist who said Murkomen is only rich as he took part in mismanaging funds meant for National Youth Service (NYS). He refuted claims that he indeed envies the Senator.

YOU ARE A THIEF! YOU STOLE NYS MONEY! WHY WOULD I ENVY A THIEF? You have nothing for me to envy. l don't have ass licking skills and zero ambition to be a thief. You are right, l have no capacity to engage a thief and an ass licker. You are too crass for my class! https://t.co/PWqtVmPvUY— Boniface Mwangi (@bonifacemwangi) February 9, 2018

Their back and forth attracted rebuke form followers who asked them to quit insulting and engage in positive talks. Here are some of the responses Mwangi evoked;

You really should not go around insulting those who take an opposing viewpoint in public debate. Abuse is no argument. Civility in public discourse is a great and worthwhile ideal cc @kipmurkomen https://t.co/HT1EM7wqrj— Donald Mogeni (@DonaldMogeni) February 9, 2018

It is Unfortunate that young people are not discipline, they insult our leader which have been elected,you can go far with this kind of bad attitude of disrespect. There are right channels provided to report corruption not social Media— Caxton Njenga Kahiga (@caxkahiga) February 9, 2018

@bonifacemwangi don't be bitter because its so high for you, whatever @kipmurkomen has achieved you can just dream, know your space— Martin Mutuma (@martovarmeleun) February 9, 2018

It's not needed it's Maturity we lack no need for vile language, boni is a lost kid who's looking for attention probably deportation ????— Amosuk (@Amosuk4) February 9, 2018

You are indeed blessed bro.Bony must know that you are elected by Ppl a second time when he still sit on the road to attract attention.— Arden Muller (@RobertSawe11) February 9, 2018

the language of a real human rights activist n an aspiring mp mwenye kura zake hazikutosha— Double.N.Mhandsome. (@nahashion_njoro) February 9, 2018

Boniface.. Please mind your language.. I respected you but if this is how your mind is then am sorry.. Just stop talking nasty words on our leaders.. Dont cross that bath.— Alex kuto (@kuto_alex) February 9, 2018

Surely,your language is not appropriate..... @bonifacemwangi— CanDee (@_candee7) February 9, 2018

@bonifacemwangi I voted for you. I actually changed my polling station to Starehe. I expect more from you. You are also my fellow @Acumen_EA alumni. You need to polish your language. I'm disappointed.— Sarah Karanja (@Sashkaranja) February 9, 2018

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