Uhuru's silence on current events betrays his vision

During his second and last term, President Uhuru Kenyatta has identified food security, affordable housing, industries and inexpensive healthcare as the pillars to propel the country to the next level.

With current clearly undemocratic events, it was logical for the president to lead the way and be the voice of reason in trying times. That has not happened and the president's silence is slowly tainting his legacy.

We have seen state-sponsored crackdown on dissenting voices; TV stations closed for days, and Opposition leaders harassed.

Perhaps most scary is the total disregard of the law by the State. Courts have made their rulings only for these to be ignored by the Government.

Laws exist for a reason and ignoring them questions their existence. The president must stand firm and ignore advice from sycophants. He was elected by Kenyans and their interest should come first.

The president achieved a lot in his first term and more is expected from him on his second term. But his administration's actions of late have cast a dark cloud on his legacy.