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Woman claims Arsenal new signing Aubameyang tried to kill her with his car
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Feb 06, 2018 at 08:48 EAT
Aubameyang almost killed the lady with his car

A woman claimed former Borrusia Dortmund star Aubameyang tried to kill her with his costly gold Lamborghini

Aubameyang has been involved in a number of scandals while at Dortmund 

According to Martina Wechsung, a woman living in Germany, Arsenal’s new signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang almost run her over with his golden Lamborghini while he was still a Dortmund player in 2014.

According to English football outlet The Sun, Martina met Aubameyang on Facebook, where the Gabon international asked him to do some PR work for him. When they agreed to meet, the former African player of the year decided to show off his Lambo, screeching close to the lady who was terrified.

“I was on the street, waiting where he told me to meet him. As soon as he saw me he sunk his head lower, gave his car the full throttle. I heard the revving of the car, saw it coming towards me in a blur of metal. It was terrifying - it felt like a guided missile bearing down upon me. He accelerated from 0 to about 60mph in just a few seconds in his Lamborghini," Martina told The Sun.

Martina also claimed that Aubameyang’s father was not happy with their agreement, making the striker feel the urge to murder someone.

She also admitted that if it were not for her quick reflexes, she would have been injured badly, possibly died.

“I could have been killed or very badly injured if I had not jumped. I was shocked. It was all really strange because he later explained he thought I only existed on the internet and was not a real person,” added Martina.

She finished by saying that she could have hit the windscreen and flown over if she hadn’t reacted fast.

Aubameyang has been subject of behavioral misconduct at Dortmund in the past and this is not new. Football pundits suggested Arsene Wenger would need extra effort to control the Gabonese player in London.

He scored on his home debut for Arsenal in a 5-1 thrashing of Everton. 

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