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Student dies after caning over torn uniform
By Nathan Ochunge | Updated Feb 06, 2018 at 08:35 EAT
Mother of the student and her daughter (inset)
    • A teacher said to have beaten Form Three student for putting on torn uniform.
    • The form three student is said to have sustained serious head and jaw injuries following the incident

A family in Khwisero is mourning its daughter who died after she was allegedly beaten up by a teacher.

Annah Wendy, 17, a Form Three student at Khwisero Mixed Secondary, is said to have sustained serious head and jaw injuries following the incident.

Her mother, Perris Were, said they received a call from the school on January 12 and were asked to urgently go to the institution because the girl was unwell.

“My husband and the matron took her to hospital. She said a teacher had caned her for wearing a torn uniform,” said Ms. Were.

She said: “Three days later, my daughter called and told me she was very sick. She was at Mwihila Hospital.”

“She was at the hospital alone. I later learned the teacher who beat her up gave her Sh100 as bus fare to go to the hospital and promised to foot the bill.”

Were said her daughter could not eat because her jaws were swollen. They reported the incident at the sub-county education office.

Doctor’s report

A doctor’s report shows the student’s jaw and ears were badly injured.

The girl left the hospital after three days and went home. Her father, Wilberforce Were, asked her to return to school but she declined.

“Instead she went to my mother’s place. She said she feared the teacher might kill her,” said Were.

“However, when I went to check on her later, she agreed to go back to school. I went to look for money but before I could return, my mother called and informed me she was seriously sick.”

“I went and found my daughter weak. She had even defecated on herself. She had vomited a yellow substance.”

That was on January 30, and as she prepared to take her to hospital, Were said, Wendy told her that the teacher had ended her dreams.

“She immediately collapsed and died in my arms.”

A teacher who did not want to be named said the girl’s father had been told to write a letter requesting the school to help with funeral expenses.

“He was told the school would only help on condition he does not sue for his daughter’s death,” the teacher said.

The principal Janet Akoth declined to talk to the press.

Khwisero OCPD Lanet Sili said they were investigating the matter and anyone found culpable would be arrested.

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