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Disturbed politician goes an extra mile to verify the low turnout for Jamhuri celebrations
By Grapevine | Updated Dec 13, 2017 at 15:34 EAT
Low turnout at the Kasarani Stadium for Jamhuri fe
  • There was a low turnout at the Kasarani Stadium for the Jamhuri fete 
  • A popular politician went an extra mile to verify the reports

A popular city politician was disturbed by the fact that only a handful of people turned up to for the Jamhuri Day Celebrations at Kasarani. After word filtered on social media that there was a poor turn-out at the event, the vocal politician took it upon himself to verify if the reports were true.

Grapevine understands that the influential man called a number of journalists who were at the event, seeking clarifications. When he was told the truth, the controversial leader is said to have quickly mobilized people to be ferried to the stadium before President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived.

His efforts and interventions however may have come a little too late, since the Head of State on his arrival was greeted by empty terraces.

Still on 12 December Jamhuri Day Celebrations. Organizers of the National event at the Kasarani Sports seemed to have been poorly prepared for the fete. The sound system at the event presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta was faulty.

Members of the public seated on the terraces could not make out what the speakers including President Uhuru Kenyatta were saying at the podium. The same problem was witnessed during the inauguration of the President two weeks ago.

Could someone be diverting public funds through paying service providers who are ill-equipped?

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