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Principled county executive refuses bribes from cartels
By The Grapevine | Updated Dec 07, 2017 at 08:20 EAT
County official has rejected bribes
  • A garbage collection cartel is now facing hard times as efforts to bribe county official fail
  • The county official, known for his firm stand in fighting corruption has refused to meet the cartel members

A principled top county official in one strategic devolved units is giving members of a vicious cartel sleepless nights.

Since the man assumed office a month ago as a CEC, he has declined overtures to meet representatives of the cartel who are in the lucrative garbage collection business.

It is understood that the businessmen want to bribe the official so that they continue with their impunity.

A revelation that the firm CEC, who was fished by the Governor from the private sector donates his entire salary to charity, a clear indication that he is unfazed by money-has sent chills down the spine of the group.

They are now at loss on how to approach the no-nonsense and incorruptible county minister.

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