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‘Wakenya mbarikiwe hadi mshangae’- Kenyans react to DP Ruto’s celebratory message after Supreme Court verdict
By Fay Ngina | Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 12:02 EAT
Deputy President William Ruto
  • Deputy President William Ruto expressed his joy after the Supreme Court verdict
  • The Supreme Court dismissed the two petitions challenging president Uhuru's win

Deputy President William Ruto on Monday 20 November could not help it but express his joy after the Supreme Court dismissed the two petitions filed challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory on the October 26 repeat presidential election.

“Hallelujah! Glory to god in heaven. He has remembered our nation, given us hope & future. Wakenya jameni mubarikiwe mpaka mshangae together,” DP Ruto posted on his twitter account.


— William Samoei Ruto (@WilliamsRuto) November 20, 2017

Most leaders across the country and other countries including Britain also sent their congratulatory messages to the president.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn in for his second term on Tuesday 28 November.

Here are some reactions from DP Ruto’s tweet;

???????????????? i find this tweet funny

— Timothy M????th????i ™ (@timothymathai) November 20, 2017

Nakuombea upunguze makali na upatie Kenya kipaumbele pasi na matakwa yako ya 2022. Nchi inahitaji umoja na undugu sasa hivi, lazima kushirikiana. Naomba Mungu akuonekanie akupe Hekima na Busara na moyo mkunjufu. Wacha tamaa mbaya!!! Wakati ukifika kama ni yako utapata, majaliwa.— Andy (@1Sir_Andy) November 20, 2017

H.E DP @WilliamsRuto who is running your official twitter account? Am SURE it's NOT you Sir!— Gerald Lepariyo (@Lepariyo) November 20, 2017

GREAT be to GOD. We shall overcome The Lord of Poverty who also doubles as the Angel of Death and Violence.With God everywhere is possible— Stephen Mwingirwa (@SMwingirwa) November 20, 2017

God shall never leave those who believe in Him. Swearing in unstoppable, great work lies ahead for your uniting the country.— Wachira Gichango (@WachiraGichango) November 20, 2017

That's the power of prayes.. We expect a lot from your government now that you are given full support b power... Congrats— Jimmy Kamau (@JimmyKa83473930) November 20, 2017

Mr. Ruto. I Pray that the Lord that you pray to with such deep rooted hypocrisy changes your ways. Your days of propagating political oppression are numbered. Tables are bound to turn, sooner than later.— Abdulhakim Dahir (@Dahiro_abdy) November 20, 2017

As expected, after being ‘fixed’, SCOK makes two steps backwards to preserves the State, at the expense of People’s popular will. #SupremeJudgment #PresidentUhuruKenyatta— Brevin Odhiambo (@brevin_giles) November 20, 2017

Bwana ruto please clarify ni wakenya gani unaowatakia baraka mpaka washangae coz kuna kenya mbili.
People's republic of kenya
Na central kny— Ali Mukabana (@AliMukabana3) November 20, 2017

You and @UKenyatta are dictators we don't recognize you dictatorship government look at the blood you have shed children have become opharns because of you, you will pay for this one day. @RailaOdinga is our President— Shaban Alfa (@Shabanalfah) November 20, 2017

Please William Ruto, be leaders who unifies all country, never be limited to some ethnic groups or regions. Remember presidency is a symbol of national unity. Try to unite all Kenyans and accommodate everyone.— Eng Stanley Kirwa (@StanleyKirwa3) November 20, 2017

You tweet even before Uhuru Kenyatta, think first you are in a dilemma don't be so quick to celebrate— Geofrey Helmut (@GeofreyHelmut) November 20, 2017

Mr ruto stop misusing the almighty God's name while deprieving Kenyan their democratic right to elect RAO as their true president, He is the rightful winner of the high office.Its depend on which god that you serve, for instance there is the true God or the god of darkness— Aluta continua (@PertexManu) November 20, 2017

Mr. Deputy President, are the Supreme Court Judges still "WakoraNetwork"??? or the goalpost have shifting so as your soul/views because the Court upheld your PYRRHIC VICTORY #Resist— Lesootia Joel (@LesootiaJoel) November 20, 2017

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