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Twitter erupts as Mutahi Ngunyi calls the Mathare attack the work of the Sabbath of witches
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 19, 2017 at 16:14 EAT
Mutahi Ngunyi
  • Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has accused NASA leader Raila Odinga of being behind the Mathare attack.
  • This is after four bodies were recovered early on Sunday morning and Kenyans speculated it as the begin of ethnical cleansing.
  • Kenyans, however, were not happy with Mutahi's remarks.

According to controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, the incidents in Mathare are all orchestrated by National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga.

This MATHARE attack has Raila's political FINGER PRINTS all over it. It is the WORK of the SABBATH of WITCHES. My 74th Column on The FALL and FALL of Raila. https://t.co/GZsa6IiFFp ​— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) November 19, 2017

Mutahi refers to the mysterious killings of four people on the morning of November 19 to have Raila’s fingerprints on them.

The deaths of the four came shortly after NASA supporters clashed with police officers as they attempted to access Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to welcome Raila back.

The supporters engaged police for a better part of November 17 and many several people died, others were injured. Lots of property was destroyed as shops were looted and vehicle stoned.

Following the deaths that occurred during the welcome Baba back march, many fingers have been pointed with both sides accusing each other of being in the wrong.

Unconfirmed reports said a few vehicles were also burned in the Sunday morning incidents.

Kenyans have speculated on the reasons for the four deaths with many saying that ethnic cleansing is creeping in.

Nairobi Police Commander Japhet Koome, however, assured Kenyans that the killing was not ethnic-related and that the incidents are under investigation.

Mutahi Ngunyi’s statement caused a stir with many people disagreeing with him and accusing him of taking sides.

SYCOPHANCY and thriving on scandals and anarchy is your problem.— Hon Abdikader Ore (@abdikaderore) November 19, 2017

Professors think. When they speak, you hear wisdom and intellect. When they write, the content is appreciated by everyone. They don't write to please their kinsmen. Let the content be open for everyone to judge. Otherwise this is crap— Edwin Atemba (@0357_Edwin) November 19, 2017

Look at yourself, sleeping Raila, waking up in the morning Raila, eating Raila. Did you study Raila in your entire education system. We know you're seeking state protection for the NYS millions you ate. God's wrath on the way.— Edwin Atemba (@0357_Edwin) November 19, 2017

The Central republic wants to create an analogy that RAO is a devil worshipper.I have read your articles keenly and of late you have become a Tribal Jubilee brigade.In Mathare the NRB business community is sucking our blood on Instructions.A hole has been dug— KISAKA WAMOTO (@OMULIULI) November 19, 2017

Take the evidence to the police. Koome is begging for it. It seems his officers are not able to get it.— Dairyman (@dairyman_kenya) November 19, 2017

you are the one propagating ethnic violence so far. though we need charachters but its assassination is not healthy. give sound articles— chitechi brenda (@ChitechiBrenda) November 19, 2017

Prophet of doom. When will you use intellect which you purport to have acquired to do good for this country? NYS money u will return.— CPA, Dominic Midigo (@dominicabala) November 19, 2017

You seem to be very learned bt evry tym u open ua mouth u attack only one person...This country needs healing n reconciliation at this tym,and not ua endless blame gaming only to please ua bosses— Jac'Obsen ChaCha (@jacmas_chacha) November 19, 2017

Sir, this forthall college with logos resembling UK premier colleges is a Kenyan thing!!! No wonder it's partisan in it's mediocre research. Where are we heading with this kind of education?— Edwin Atemba (@0357_Edwin) November 19, 2017

This is propagating ethnic incitement and profilling certain leaders and communities for personal rent seeking... sad.— Bishar A hassan (@bisharhassan) November 19, 2017

This YOUTUBE attack has MUTAHI'S political FINGER PRINTS all over it. It is the WORK of a the QUAKER OF WITCHES/THIEF. The FALL & FALL of busybody NGUNYI. Return NYS money— Lesootia Joel (@LesootiaJoel) November 19, 2017

Your columns add no value to already eroded n corrupt system, we are used them. You better get busy with looting, coz it will enrich u n add value to your family.— Thomas™ (@thomskan82) November 19, 2017

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