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You are being a hypocrite, Kenyans on Twitter condemn Senator Sakaja after NASA supporters' deaths
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 18, 2017 at 10:17 EAT
Senator Sakaja at the Jogoo Road scene
  • Kenyans on Twitter have turned their wrath upon Senator Johnstone Sakaja after he sent a condolence message to families of those who lost their lives during the 'welcome Raila' back march.
  • They accuse Sakaja' s government of being picky on who to help or not and for acting to late.

Nairobi County Senator Johnstone Sakaja caught the attention of Kenyans on the evening of November 17 when he tweeted his feeling towards the happenings of the day.

Sakaja condemned the loss of lives and damage to property when he went to assess the damage caused after a Forward Sacco bus was set to flames on Jogoo Road.

Assessing some of the damage caused today in Nairobi. My heart goes out to those who've lost loved ones, their property and livelihoods. THIS MUST STOP! Nairobi leadership will tomorrow issue a comprehensive statement and direction on the way forward. pic.twitter.com/tnAp0NFVD7— Senator Sakaja (@SakajaJohnson) November 17, 2017

This happened on the onset of National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters march from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport towards Uhuru Park.

The supporters had turned out in large numbers to welcome NASA leader Raila Odinga back into the country. Raila had gone to the United States for a 10-day trip.

Sakaja visited the scene where businessmen were angry after the bus was torched and businesses vandalised where he calmed them down.

Hon @SakajaJohnson calming angry businessmen at the scene where a matatu was set ablaze, their message is "If we cannot be protected, we will protect ourselves and it will not be pretty" pic.twitter.com/OYO9D113Qy

— Gichohi Wa Nyeri???????? (@LordGichohi) November 17, 2017

After his tweet, Kenyans as usual had something to say.

Most tweeps accused his government of being behind all the chaos and accused him of being a hypocrite;

Hon. Sakaja, in ur statement tomorrow make sure u condemn unwarranted police action today, even the burnt Matatu ur assessing was an act of police lobbing teargas into the matatu. Had police stayed away such wouldn't have occurred.— Thomas™ (@thomskan82) November 17, 2017

And the hypocrites can now speak. Where was Nairobi leadership when the police reigned terror on innocent Kenyans welcoming baba ? Save us your mediocrity— #RejectUhuruto (@my_me001) November 17, 2017

How I wish this was handled before the loss of life and properties. We have selective rules in this country where different people are given different preferences.— sincere angira (@sincerearigna1) November 17, 2017

blame it on Government what Harm could Raila caused if his Supporters were peacfully allowed to recieve him.— George Amolo (@Komondi43) November 17, 2017

@SakajaJohnson so sad to see ur innocent people killed and brutilized yet they are peacefully walking & unarmed what harm could it cause just to allow them do their thing and leave the damages would not be there. Please put some sense to these people wen coming with decisions— Emmanuel Seda (@emmanuelseda54) November 17, 2017

Stop manipulating elections then there will no problem. Plus everyone killed was killed by police. This photographer @BrianInganga was nearly shot next to an unarmed protestor. The more you kill, the more people will resist. A history book should teach you that. ????????— #IkoNini (@Mwafreeka) November 17, 2017

Senator, the "leadership" of Nairobi should have met before the event, not after!— Dominic WALUBENGO (@waluwande) November 18, 2017

Sakaja. These stupidly is caused by those who cannot think and reason like IG. Simple logic, why dint they have NASA enjoy their time peacefully? There could be no deaths and destruction. Sack this Boinet. He cannot manage anything. Police need brains not rungus— Kabilaloro (@Kabila75Tobias) November 18, 2017

You should have thought twice before allowing your Boss to give that go ahead of refusing Kenyans their Airport. Would have saved alot— Proud Chocolate (@Nyangiya) November 17, 2017

This need to stop. Let's hold leaders responsible accountable and put a strong message that violence and damage of property is not allowed. Police should be armed with body cameras. Let's find the footage and arrest the hooligans.— John Gachoki (@Jgachoki) November 17, 2017

Before your heart starts going out where was your mouth when the order to bar Kenyans from welcoming their president was issued? Keep your crocodile tears to yourself. You think you are safe because you dine with Pharaoh, soon you'll wish you stood for the truth. You will— Patience Syombua (@patiesyombua) November 18, 2017

How abt those who.lost their.lives and those whose cars were stoned by police?don't be selective in your approach— mimi (@Lubutse) November 17, 2017

Nairobi leadership should have been brave enough to confront the police commander to lessen the confrontation yesterday which were unnecessary! It's good to act at the right time sanity would have prevailed all the way! Let's be practical!— OLIVER ADEKA (@oliveradeka) November 18, 2017

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