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Harsh exchange on twitter as Court orders arrests of Ruth Odinga and Fred Outa
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 13, 2017 at 12:24 EAT
Ruth Odinga and Fred Outa were charged
  • Chief Magistrate Julius Ng’arng’ar has ordered the arrest of Former Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and Kisumu Senator Fred Outa.
  • The two failed to appear in court for a hearing after being charged with disruption of IEBC training in October.

Arrest warrants have been issued for former Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and Kisumu Senator Fred Outa after they failed to show up to court for mention of a case involving them

The duo had been accused of disrupting an Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commision (IEBC) training session ahead of the October 26 repeat presidential elections.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Keriako Tobiko had ordered the arrest and charging of the two after finding enough evidence against them and their accomplices.

They were arraigned in court on October 23 where they denied the charges and were released on personal bonds of Sh500,000 each.

Chief Magistrate Julius Ng’arng’ar on the morning of November 13 ordered the arrest of the two after they failed to show up.

Their representative, Advocate Verah Onsongo said that Ruth Odinga was unwell while the Senator was not reachable via phone.

This latest development on the duo’s case has caused a stir on social media with Kenyans tweeps taking sides.

Others went ahead to accuse the Government of having double standards after letting Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome walk free.

Alice had been caught in an amateur video harassing an IEBC Returning Officer.

The DESPOTS want former Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and Senator Fred Outa arrested forgetting the aforementioned are the Generals commanding Kisumu NATIONAL RESISTANCE BRANCH. First Alice Wahome should be arrested before any arrest warrant is issued. Selective targetting.— Anyango Mak Anyango (@polasomsafi) November 13, 2017

Sycophancy will kill this nation. Anyone defending ex-Kisumu deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and senator Fred Outa should be ashamed of themselves! You keep crying for justice and when its done you're shouting at the top of your voices in defense of the perpetrators— Mt. Kenya Mafia (@allen_arnold) November 13, 2017

Kisumu senator Fred Outa & ex~deputy governor Ruth Odinga please soldier on, we are behind you guys. You stood & fought the impunity & stupidity we were being subjected to by the failed jubilee regime. Sisi kama kisumu business community tuko nyuma yenu. #ResistArrest!— odhiambo odhiambo (@wyckliffeowiti) November 13, 2017

Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga is one of us. So touch one of us and you will have touched all of us. Dont dare our patience#AmLiveNTV— Errycar10 NRM Lady (@errycar10) November 13, 2017

What's Wrong With Us Kenyans. Why Are Some Of Us Rushing To Defend Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga And Fred Outa Without Knowing Why Arrest Warrants Have Been Issued Against Them? Who Bewitched Us?— Philemon ANTHONY (@Philem0nAnthony) November 13, 2017

You can't arrest two individuals and the rest are free, this is injustice, ex Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga shld be arrest along with Moses kuria, Babu Owino, Muthama, Wanga,Miguna Miguna etc— Captain Lawi (@Captain_Lawi) November 13, 2017

We all Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and Fred Outa will not heed the arrest warrant because they are protected by the Lord of impunity and poverty. Don't hold your breath guys, the concept of 'rule of law' is foreign to them— Le Prince (@Princeof_Kenya) November 13, 2017

The State wants to arrest ex Kisumu County Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga but it doesn't want to arrest Alice Wahome Double standards— Amos Kituyi (@KituyiAmos) November 13, 2017

Arrest of Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga ????Selective justice is injustice...Where is Alice Wahome?— LUO LEGEND (@owilijunior) November 13, 2017

Warrant of arrest issued to Former Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga And Senator Fred Outa Issued was right. No one is above the law & the Odinga Family must respect the rule of law in the land.— Dr. Miguna Miguna (@MIGUNAMlGUNA) November 13, 2017

DESPOTS and DEMAGOGUES want to arrest former Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga and Senator Fred Outa! #NRM is there to stay even if they arrest everyone not subscribing to the ideals of clueless JP govt! PUGA!!— Lloyd Onyango (@lloydOnyango) November 13, 2017

Former Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga & Kisumu senator Fred Outa are criminals and Rewards should be given to those who will give information to the arrest of these individuals......

Just some of their crimes
-Barricading roads to prevent voting
-Injuries/threats to IEBC officials pic.twitter.com/NjB5FsyGxu— MosesG (@NaksLfcRed) November 13, 2017

arrest warrant issued to Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga while a pure thug Alice Wahome is walking freely in the streets. selective justice!!— Lorde Kores (@LordeKores) November 13, 2017

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