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Kenyans on Twitter condemn DP Ruto after he says Bishop Korir taught him prayer
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 12, 2017 at 15:33 EAT
Deputy President William Ruto
  • Kenyans took to twitter when Deputy William Ruto claimed that the late Bishop Korir taught him how to say the Lord's prayer.
  • The DP made this remarks in Eldoret where he attended the late Bishop's burial.

Deputy President William Ruto said that the late Eldoret Bishop Cornelius Korir taught him how to pray.

The DP made this remarks at the Bishop’s final mass in Eldoret where he said that the death of the Bishop was a personal loss to him.

DP Ruto had joined other mourners in eulogizing Bishop’s Korir on November 11 as he was laid to rest in a church in Eldoret.

“My wife and children knew the Bishop very well because one day Bishop got a prayer and came home and taught us the Lord’s Prayer in a different way… how to say it seven times when in difficult times,” recalled DP Ruto.

He said that blood should never be shed again because of politics of hatred, divisions, tribalism and fighting as the late Bishop emphasized on upholding peace over and over.

He finished by pledging his support to President Uhuru Kenyatta in building bridges of friendship, brotherhood, and unity.

His claims on the Bishop teaching him how to pray seem to have caught the attention of Kenyans who tweeted their views over it.Ruto also tweeted his last word on the loss of the Bishop.

Bishop Korir's teachings are fresh in our mind. He led us in vowing to never again go down the path of violence on account of political competition. #RIPBishopKorir— William Samoei Ruto (@WilliamsRuto) November 11, 2017

Here are some of the tweeted responses;

To me the way this politicians behave it's like there is no God. Maybe up there the extremely rich and our leaders know something we don't know about God's existence. My thoughts— onesmus mainga (@OnesmusMainga) November 12, 2017

I am hearing, with great shock, that William Ruto actually knows God exists and has served as a man of God. Am shocked! #RIPBishopKorir— Fred Asira (@FredAsira) November 11, 2017

pic.twitter.com/ol7BP89ioT— Jusper Mogire (@mogire_jusper) November 12, 2017

Yes, Bishop Korir was a man of God and he practiced everything that he preached to his followers. But I am yet to see any Godly action from you despite mentioning God every time you open your mouth! Ain’t you scared Mocking God is dangerous— Ibrasom (@Ibrasom3) November 12, 2017

aha I see, and you decided to go against the teaching and divide Kenya, now you privatizing western Kenya suger companies for your own good— boss (@boscoarnest) November 11, 2017

I dont know whay the truth is about kenyan politics. I just hope you mean this. These divide and rule politics should stop— Ndirangu Omondi (@antony_ndirangu) November 11, 2017

Irony.. But u are always doing the contrary.. Preaching ethnicity, looting public funds n killin innocent soul.. May u never find peace— Nimrod Nyangena (@NyangenaNimrod) November 12, 2017

He also preached against corruption,land grabbing and other ills..haukuskia hizo?— SaZ (@mashjayk) November 11, 2017

Yet you still call those opposing you militia and witches. Seems you were asleep in that class sir. Or it's when the teachings have sank?— kenleo okumu (@OkumuKenleo) November 11, 2017

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