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Kenyans react to the man who witnessed the Nakuru crash and Governor Wahome’s accident
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 08, 2017 at 10:27 EAT
The 'professional' eye witness
  • A mystery eye witness appeared in to different critical accidents.
  • The witness who was interviewed by media personnel at both incidents left many Kenyans wondering who he was.

Following an eye-witness account of both the Nakuru air crash and the Kabati accident, Kenyans are now wondering who exactly the eye-witness is.

The man who gave his name as Denis Muigai Ngengi was interviewed and he gave detailed accounts of the incidents.

After the October 21 Nakuru crash, where an aircraft under Flex Air Charters plunged into Lake Nakuru, Denis was interviewed at the scene where he claimed to be a pilot. He said he was well acquitted with the pilot of the ill-fated craft.

He chose to speak in Swahili so that his message would reach all Kenyans.

 “Acha niseme na Kiswahili ndio wakenya wote waniskie. Mimi ni pilot wa state… marafiki na jamaa wao wavumilie, he said after confirming that Pilot Malowa was his friend and colleague.

On Tuesday, November 7, the same man was at the scene where Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru’s vehicle crashed into a rail guard.

Spotting his signature sunglasses and an earpiece, Denis narrated how Gakuru’s driver had swerved to avoid hitting a motorbike rider.

“Driver wa Governor alikua anaondokea asiue yule jamaa wa motorbike, so kustukia yule jamaa amechomoka naye driver wa Governor akarudi upande hii ndio akagonga hio chuma…tukaona hio chuma imesimama kama mtu”, he explained.

The fact that he waited from 7am, the time of the accident to afternoon when the media interviewed him caught Kenyans’ attention.

They identified him as the same witness from the Nakuru scene.

When questioned, Denis denied being the witness from the Nakuru air crash incident saying that he is a businessman who imports and sells goods locally.

This two incidents have left Kenyans questioning who the professional eye witness really.

These are some views from twitter;

Police should arrest him— Anthony Mureithi (@AnthonyMureith1) November 7, 2017

WTF. This guy is giving me goosebums. He seems to be a Hitman. he could be behind this tragic accident. Huh!! mark my words.— BodoFranc. (@bodofrancis) November 7, 2017

In Nakuru he pretended he was injured and today he was as fit as fiddle— socialmediastrategis (@KiambaReloaded) November 7, 2017

This guy seems to be an attention seeker,traveling to accident scenes to create mischief.A reasonable person can see right through this BS!— mark muchai (@Muchaiki) November 7, 2017

He's the MAIN SUSPECT.Few weeks ago,he witnessed the L.Nakuru accident & today,the Kabati one.Who died and made this man CHIEF EYE WITNESS?— Ken Ynek (@ynek0027) November 7, 2017

He is a state agent probably hit squad look at the spy and coms glasses he is wearing— Jeffrey (@ogwenof) November 7, 2017

Behind every successful regime there is a Margarian n Seregisian— Sunday Ole Mbura Zeb (@olembura) November 7, 2017

He's the 9th wonder of the world— Obisa Charles (@charles_obisa) November 7, 2017

Things aren't adding up here... This man is an hitman.— Jimhussein (@Jimhussein1) November 7, 2017

And he checked time to to confirm that the accident occurred at 8 minutes to 7am he insists— Salma Achieng (@achiengsalma1) November 7, 2017

Was this guy still at the scene from 7am upto mid day when citizen journalists arrived at the the scene?— Ricky Mbogo (@Mbogo254) November 7, 2017

There's some things that completely don't add up here— Rambo_Chrees_Tinah (@TinahRambo) November 7, 2017

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