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Kenyans' mixed reactions to Jimi Wanjigi's statement after his house was raided
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 18, 2017 at 13:58 EAT
Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi

      • Kenyan enigmatic billionaire Jimi Wanjigi, AKA James Bond has finally given his statement following the 72 hour long raid to his Muthaiga home.
      • In his speech, Mr. Wanjigi said he will continue to support NASA leader Raila Odinga, who stepped in to help his family during the raid.

      Kenyan billionaire Mr. Jimi Wanjigi has spoken after the two day police raid in his home ended. Speaking to journalists, Mr. Wanjigi said that his family, including his ageing father suffered under the raid which was totally uncalled for.

      He went further to mention that were it not for National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga ‘Baba’, his family would have suffered more from the aggression of the police. He thanked his lawyers including James Orengo for stepping in to help his family. He ended the speech by saying that his support for Baba remains unwavering and unshaken.

      The raid ended this morning, on 18th October following what Mr. Wanjigi says was Odinga’s intervention.

      The statement left many Kenyans on social media expressing what they felt about the whole ordeal.

      Here are some of them;

      This is one of the best complements the world must hear, Raila has and still continues to fight for Kenyans irrespective of their standards, right from Kibra to Muthaiga..May God's blessing be upon you— Joyce Mutua (@JoyceMutua7) October 18, 2017

      Anaitwa baba ya wanao nyanyaswa pic.twitter.com/pt9n3oICrf— Geoffrey Mwikamba (@GeoffreyMwikam2) October 18, 2017

      I wonder where kenya is heading to
      Dictatorship is raising Kenyans won't allow it— Aisha stellar (@StellarAisha) October 18, 2017

      So sad that is where we are as a country. Our freedoms and rights are being suppressed as if we are less of human beings than some— Daniver Maiko (@danivers_maiko) October 18, 2017

      Man weta anaona vile Jimy amekumbatiwa na wife wake anajihurumia anajikumbatia mwenyewe, mawazo yake yanamkunbusha vile atanyoroshwa jioni. pic.twitter.com/ACbwdiZedp— INAMWAGIKA (@dmacharia470) October 18, 2017

      Wacha baba aitwe baba— @aseyo wa omega (@AseyoWa) October 18, 2017

      that's great news and gava should know every dog has got its own day and a reckoning one is on the door knocking: pa! pa!— brian wakoli (@WakoliBrian) October 18, 2017

      When those guns hit the streets and on the wrong hands then you will regret what you are supporting and condoning.— Becky ™???????? (@B_sktuash) October 18, 2017

      I look upto you Sir.Jimi Wanjigi. I don't know why those who try to do good are intimidated by the government we serve and pay taxes to.— Kyungu (@stanleykyungu) October 18, 2017

      Haha. I just hope when things get comfortable, you do not flee to the other side. For once stay with us till the end @owuorgpo @LucyMosotah— 1013CGAR (@NyukaBel) October 18, 2017

      Jimi wanjigi never has no love for cameras. This must be really deep. Sorry for #Democracy— Jimmy Ombom (@ombomJ) October 18, 2017

      Ironically guns found at Jimmy Wanjigis' are the same used to kill Baba's @RailaOdinga supporters. Why are you ignorant supporters.— Joko Pie (@jokojokes) October 18, 2017

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