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Best positions to help you get pregnant faster while making love
By Fay Ngina | Updated Nov 08, 2017 at 14:06 EAT
An intimate couple
  • Getting pregnant depends on a number of factors
  • Sex positions can be one of those factors

When it comes to discussions about conceiving, intercourse positions always come up. Although most people believe that sex position does not play a part in conception, a couple who cannot conceive should try new experiments in the bedroom and try out new sex positions. Here are some of the best positions recommended by sex experts;

Missionary position

This is one of the most common sex positions. The position is comfortable to adapt since this is where the man is on top and also allows eye to eye contact between spouses. This is how it works; the missionary position allows the uterus to drop back when the woman stands on her back, allowing the semen to easily enter the uterus and the fallopian tube. This is because the uterus is positioned anteversum meaning in bends towards the front. The missionary position is one of the best positions when you want to get pregnant, however, it does not apply to all women.

Doggy position

The doggy position increases the amount of penetration thus opening up the cervix a bit more than all the other positions. This is a great position for baby making and research shows that most men prefer this sex position.

Rear-entry position

This is where a man enters the woman from the back. The woman can either lie on her abdomen, kneels, or they lie side-by-side. In this position, the uterus usually drops to the front allowing the sperm enough space to enter the uterus and the cervix. The chances of conceiving are very high with deep penetration since the sperms are deposited close to the cervix

The rock and roller position

The position resembles the missionary where the woman lies on her back and the man on top but the woman raises her legs. This position ensures a deeper penetration to the woman’s G-spot thus helping in conception.

These positions may not work for all couples since the inability to conceive may be due to a lot of other factors. Proper timing is usually a crucial factor, but this also works for women who have a regular menstrual cycle.

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