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Kenyans reactions after DP William Ruto attacked Raila Odinga in a tweet
By Fay Ngina | Updated Sep 18, 2017 at 08:20 EAT
DP William Ruto and NASA leader Raila Odinga
  • Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday 17 September attacked NASA Leader Raila Odinga in his twitter handle
  • This is after Raila Odinga's remarks during the NASA conference geld at Panari hotel, Nairobi

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday 17 September attacked NASA Leader Raila Odinga after his remarks during the NASA conference held at Panari Hotel.

DP Ruto asked on his twitter handle "For how long will one man, unable to win elections, continue to blackmail 45m Kenyans using threats of violence, chaos, bloodshed & anarchy."

The Deputy President also went ahead and defended the IEBC from what Raila Odinga had said.

"Every kenyan,those at IEBC included have the protection of the Constitution. Nobody,however mighty ,should threaten them in any way or form." Said the Deputy president.

Here are some of Kenyans reactions after the DP attacked Raila;

He should strive to mature politically first before forcing himself to Raila's political league

— laban Odegu (@labanodegu) September 17, 2017

What are protecting honourable why such a lash
Why protect iebc so strongly is it one body or what??— Lynn (@jaylee36742444) September 17, 2017

Thats is not attacking,Its plain truth. Not a must that Raila have to be in ballot. Its his choice.— The Mafia (@SimonMboche) September 17, 2017

Dp stand for nothing.Raila stand foe something.With corruption,landgrabing u loose credibility.Dp lacks credibility.

— Harry (@Harrytilla) September 18, 2017

Not attacking anyone....but saying the TRUTH....— MWAURA BEATRICE (@mwaura_beatrice) September 17, 2017

Yes Sir, Mr VP. JUBILEE timidity has made EX-PM grow sharp horns. VP , please give him hell. Give him chance at your own and country peril.— Tadeo Paneta (@fenixinix) September 17, 2017

Ruto you should know people and learn to respect your seniors.— STEPHEN HARRY (@STEPHENHARRY4) September 17, 2017

I think could have not attacked Raila if indeed he is a democrat and not a dictator.— Kevin Wasonga (@KevinWasonga8) September 17, 2017

Elections in KE are manipulated n rem in a democracy da pple who matter r dos who count da votes n not dos who cast dem who r in his pocket.— udad_namas (@UdadNamas) September 17, 2017

DP calm up your tempers RAO nurtured u in politics wembe ni ule ule Mungu ni yule yule— obar alfred (@ObarAlfred) September 17, 2017

Dp shouldn't have attacked the former premier..Remember this is a Democratic Nation— Ahmedduale (@AhmedA35761928) September 17, 2017

My friend, the other day you were attacking IEBC and today you are protecting the institution surely unadhani Wakenya ni wajinga sana????— Magak Odeka (@OdekaMagak) September 17, 2017

Who are this 40 million people ruto has been talking about each and every time?... I want you to know they are not with your team as Jubilee— Dennish Oimo (@oimo_dennish) September 17, 2017

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