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Kenyans say: Withdraw Maraga petition, Uhuru tells MP Ngunjiri
By Several Authors | Updated Sep 18, 2017 at 07:30 EAT
Nyeri MP Wambugu Ngunjiri
  • Jubilee MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu has filed a petition before the Judicial Service Commission seeking the removal of CJ Maraga for gross misconduct
  • The MP said that CJ David Maraga exercised a judicial coup that led to the annulment of the August presidential petition
  • He also accused CJ Maraga for influencing other judges who ruled in the Supreme Court for the presidential petition

Sifu Msafiri: Uhuru is trying to hoodwink the Gusii community. He instructed the MP to file the petition so he could turn around and disown it under the pretext that he means well for Justice Maraga and his community.

Evanson Churu: Son of Jomo, please stop this charade. If you really mean business, then go on with the petition. We know Ngunjiri is your errand boy. You had also threatened the judges.

Greg Twiss: Kenyans, please don’t fall for this. The whole thing is stage-managed. First the petition is made, then Uhuru is the “good guy” who comes around and urges the MP to drop it.

David Davis: Wambugu is just expressing what the President feels and has been saying in public. Uhuru is the one fuelling these attacks against CJ Maraga by constantly insulting him.

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