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Epic scenes as police officer responds to violence reports using a bodaboda
By Collins Oduor | Updated Sep 14, 2017 at 08:58 EAT
Police officer on Bodaboda

A police officer in Kisumu County as the centre of attention after he responded to calls of violence using a bodaboda

Chaos erupted in the county after youths stormed a meeting where it is believed some women were buying identity cards

Following reports that some women in Kisumu were buying identity cards in preparation for the repeat election, a police officer defied all odds, swallowed his pride and took the easiest route when responding to a distress call.

In the absence of a police vehicle to ensure rapid deployment to a possible crime scene, this police officer in Kisumu County sought the services of a boda boda rider, maybe to ensure that he was not accused of laxity.

He was headed to Jumuiya Hotel where chaos erupted as youths stormed a meeting following rumours that a group of women were buying identity cards ahead of the repeat presidential election.

Collins Oduor (Standard)

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