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BOOMING BUSINESS: Makeup brings the bacon home
By Stephen Teng’o | Updated Aug 18, 2017 at 11:51 EAT
Wabosha - provides makeup for special occassions
  • Maxine Wabosha offers makeup services for special occasions, photo shoots and weddings under the trade name Beauty by Wabosha.
  • She says her services are inspired by the need for affordable and efficient makeup services by a majority of females.
“I am passionate about natural beauty and believe in inner beauty but also think applied makeup is transformative,” Wabosha tells Hashtag.

The makeup artist completing her third year as a mechanical engineering student at the Nairobi campus of Nairobi University got certified upon the completion of her makeup classes at Makeup by Rose, a cosmetics business and training centre that she attended during the university’s long holidays.

She then went on to get coins from the piggy bank she owned since she was ten-years-old and got Sh20,000 capital.

On social media Maxine runs a YouTube channel on which she shares DIY videos for the average girl who hungers to learn how to correctly wear everyday make-up.

When she is offline, Maxine strives to strike a balance between managing her school and personal priorities. She argues that the struggle has taught her the importance of scheduling her priorities instead of prioritising what is on her schedule.

Her business that she runs with the help of her team of nine, who are also students, earns her an equivalent of her seed capital monthly. The team comprises of three photographers; Samora Shoots, IMUTT visuals and Write photography.inc, two web designers Keith Mzaza and Eric Charagu as well as four members on her sound board that include Larry Masika, Housnah Bashir, Tina Effie and Diana Kirui.

Maxine acknowledges her family as her biggest support system for seeing her through emotional and financial snags. With the helping hand of her father in managing the business, Maxine affirms the enthusiasm of the youth who offer feedback regarding her services but is more attentive to those willing to compensate her labour.

Opening a makeup line targeting the average Kenyan lady is in her sights. “If you are passionate about something you need to take a leap of faith because over thinking breeds excuses,” Maxine advises fellow youth.

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