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Your say- IEBC commissioner Akombe travels to US after clearance
By Several Authors | Updated Aug 17, 2017 at 08:43 EAT
IEBC commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe
  • Dr Akombe spent Tuesday night at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after she was stopped from travelling to the US.

    It took the intervention of the US embassy for Dr Akombe to get clearance to travel to the United States

Abraham Misoi: Dr Roselyn Akombe is a respected personality who is known all over the world, even by the UN Secretariat. She has been vetted before by the UN and the US government and to be suspicious about her in that manner is a mistake.

Ben Bamra: May God have mercy on Kenyans. Some people in this government are out to destroy anyone they think does not support Jubilee. They will do anything to hurt them, including ordering people to be killed simply because they come from the wrong tribe.

Hell’s gate, Kenya: When I say this government is led by very bad people some of those around me think I am just malicious. What they did to her is enough scare to make her never come back. It was wrong for them to humiliate Commissioner Akombe.

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