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College girls out to milk cash from 'sponsors' through co-rented furnished houses
By GPVine | Updated Aug 09, 2017 at 14:23 EAT
Young girls have devised new ways to get more 'spo
  • Older men in Kenya who go out with younger ladies from universities are usually referred to as 'sponsors'
  • Ladies in campuses have discovered new methods to milk cash out of their 'lovers' 

There have been tales of how love hungry men who are variously referred to as Mafisi sacco and are on the prowl in the city.

Grapevine is learning that the ground has shifted and young college students have also formed an association akin to a sacco.

They girls are pooling resources and renting out furnished houses with a number of bedrooms which they then use as a lair for their prey.

Every now and then when a member pounces on a gullible man commonly referred to as sponsor, he is duped into paying the rent for the young girl not knowing that the house is collectively rented and there could be up to five other men paying rent for the same house but for different girls.

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