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Five simple reasons why Kenyans hate condoms
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Aug 09, 2017 at 11:35 EAT
Many Kenyans fail to use condoms

Many government offices and institutions are usually supplied with condoms on either a weekly or monthly  basis

However, most Kenyans fail to use these condoms for different reasons

Both the previous President Mwai Kibaki and the current President Uhuru Kenyatta have been in the front-line to campaign for free condoms all over the nation, mainly in major cities.

Each and every premise that accommodates government offices are supplied with free condoms every month but Kenyans do not put them into use for various reasons.

Lack of creativity

Pius Gatonye, an advocate in a leading law firm discloses his fear when using a condom.

“Using condoms in the bedroom brings disruptions and it is unromantic. When you have initiated foreplay, you can not trace where you had put your condoms,” he said.

“It is more predictable and less spontaneous compared when you go condomless,” says Magaret Njoki, a hair stylist and a mother of two girls.

Poor fit

“Most condoms come in 'one size fits all', either they can be too tight and burst or too loose and become inconvenient,” says Lukas Karimi, a banker.

Less sensation.

“I feel less satisfaction when my husband uses protection when we are making love. Furthermore, nowadays there are other methods of birth control,” Susan Mueni, a housewife.

Rose Nduati, a blogger, clarified why she stopped using condoms.

“My fiancé and I used it once and none of us was comfortable so we agreed to use none. Since then we enjoy sex”

Physical irritations

“A patient once complained of irritations after using a condom, I researched and found out that condoms contain a spermicide that may cause sensitivity but it rarely occurs. I would recommend brands like Duplex, Sixty-nine that are less likely to give you allergies,” Mwashighadi Moses, a pharmacist.

Hindrance to correct condom use.

Solomon Makau, a Doctor shared his sentiments:

“Many wear a condom on the opposite side, tear it when removing from the wrap amongst other improper use of condoms.”

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