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Employers who never allowed workers to go vote must face action
By Vincent Okumu | Updated Aug 09, 2017 at 10:48 EAT
Employers should have freed workers to vote

Kenyans turned out in large numbers to vote on August 8th 2017 in one of the country's toughest elections

IEBC had declared that Kenya has 19.6 million registered voters

As Kenyans approach election day, employers must organise their timetables to enable their employees to go and vote.

Voting is an opportunity that comes only once every five years unless special circumstances arise. There is therefore no viable reason to deny employees the chance. In addition, it is an employee's constitutional right to vote because it enables them to make their voices heard.

Voting also shows an employee's commitment to his or her country. And only through voting can they can get better leaders to advocate for their rights.

Therefore, any employer planning to go against the law by denying an employee the opportunity to go and vote must be informed of the repercussions of such an offence as stated in the Election

Offence Act Section 18, which states that employers must allow employees a reasonable period for voting, failing which they attract a penalty of a fine not exceeding Sh1 million or a jail term not exceeding six years, or both.

Vincent Okumu, Maseno.

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