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If a husband is unfaithful, is the wife to blame, especially if they go for long without sex?
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Aug 08, 2017 at 13:22 EAT
  • Unfaithfulness is a sexual crime in the eyes of God and it cannot be justified.
  • Couple should learn how to solve their marital problems instead of cheating.

No, unfaithfulness is a personal choice. A man willingly chooses to go outside the marriage that he started and he is the head of.

If a man kills a person, will he accuse the wife that she led him to kill someone because she stressed him? Of course not. The court will hear none of that. The wife will not be prosecuted for the murder committed by the husband, so why does a man in the case of sexual crime want to accuse the wife?

Unfaithfulness is a sexual crime in the eyes of God.

The husband committed to love her through the good and the bad, including when there is sex and no sex.

As head of the home, before the husband complains the wife is not giving him sex, he needs to ask himself if he did anything to make her not want his sex. Women make love with their heart, if you don't take care of her heart, she will not desire sex; but when you treat her right, she will be the one who jumps on you and frequently turned on. The husband determines the mood of the wife.

When a husband goes outside to cheat claiming he is not getting any sex, how does that solve the problems in his marriage? How does he act like a responsible head of the family when he is giving his penis to another woman? Is that how little the family he started means to him? If he cheats, it actually makes it all worse.

As a C.E.O, a good C.E.O doesn't abandon the company he leads because its made losses. Then why do husbands who are the head of the family abandon their marriages in tough times. Is that leadership or selfish cowardice?

Will a man destroy the family he heads because he hasn't received sex for some weeks? Is life and marriage all about sex? Aren't there men who have faithfully stood by their wives when the wives are sick, bed ridden or battling cancer, without getting any sex for months?

To be an honorable man is a choice. The Bible says love does not rejoice in evil doing. Let's not rejoice or justify unfaithfulness as we blame women. If a man is tired with his marriage, let him quit honourably instead of cheating. Either he is married or not."

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