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Pain during sex? Here are some potential reasons and the solutions
By Leonard Otieno | Updated Jul 14, 2017 at 11:06 EAT

There are many potential causes of pain during intercourse (sex). Here are a few things to consider:

1.The first thing you should do if sex is painful is to STOP what you are doing. Men, when you have sex with a woman who is dry, you are simply tearing the tissue in her vagina or the labia if they are caught and that hurts a lot.

2. Women are not necessarily fans of jackhammer sex. A jackhammer is a tool that goes up and down rapidly with the goal of destroying what is at the bottom of it. No woman wants her vagina destroyed so please don't get intimate with her as if you are trying to break through concrete.

3. Sometimes a simple position change is all that is needed to help sex go from painful to pleasurable. This is true for all sizes and shapes.

4. When a man says that he hurts after having sex it is probably because he is under the mistaken impression that the bang, bang, bang and bang some more style is all that makes sex. If your penis hurts because of rough sex, imagine what the poor woman is feeling . Consider the idea of lovemaking and hopefully you will think of the needs of your partner.

5 Sex should be about satisfying each other. Things will happen that are not what you expected but that is okay. Sex does not need an instruction manual. The best sex you will ever have will come when you know your partner's body and needs. It will not happen because you read a book about what works or does not work. Each person is different. Each person has different likes and dislikes regarding how slow, or fast or deep or length of time. Talk to each other. Laugh together. Make sex playful and not just work.

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