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The campus girl not a wife, is the campus boy a husband?
By Vincent Owino, Chuka University | Updated Jun 15, 2017 at 08:10 EAT

The campus girl is not a wife, but neither is the campus boy a husband.You know those ladies, who teach in the university; the ones who graduate with first class degrees and are sponsored by the university for masters as they teach in the university?

Have you noticed that most of them are not yet married? They are not too young to get married, are they? Actually, some of them have children, but still choose to stay unmarried.

I wonder if throughout their campus life they never met men good enough to share their lives with. Perhaps they did, but just as it is said that the campus girl is not a wife, the campus boy is not a husband either.

It is easy to describe how ruined the campus girl is, but people often forget the cause of the ruin; the campus boy. The campus girl cannot party endlessly without the boy.

If she were not ‘having a good time’ with him the she probably would have spent her time doing constructive things. Trust me, she wouldn’t have fallen prey of sexual immorality if he didn’t ask her to lower her dress for him. She wouldn’t have turned into a ‘hoe’ if this campus boy didn’t break her heart.

Unsuspecting prey
I pity the campus girl, because the campus boy reasons she must be very stupid to work so hard to make it to the university.

He views her as nothing else but a sex toy to quench his lust. When she joins the university, she encounters an image of a gentleman whose real intention is to lure an unsuspecting prey.

If she falls for his bait, the campus boy will misuse her for a semester or two, then dump her like used tissue. For what is the campus girl left, after such a heartbreak, but to drink and yield to all the pleasures the world can offer?

This is the man who told her, “You are everything I want to have, now and forever.” This is the man she thought was God-given, though they both don’t even know the colour of the church door. But then this is the same man, who after doing all manner of sins with her, left her for the world, as if she did something wrong.

Do you think they pay them? The campus boy has no money, but words, sweet words, that will make the girl believe him, make the girl believe that he truly loves her.

The campus boy changes his image better that a chameleon, not for any other reason, but just to get a girl to his bed. Even when possible, he will take the image of a pastor, a pastor.

I mean, a gospel minister, just to get a girl to bed. When he goes out partying, he wouldn’t feel comfortable without a ‘hot chick’ beside him. For once, he will spend a penny on a girl, to buy some hard drinks, but with one major motive; a happy ending.

Misplaced prorities
I would ask why someone sent to the university to study and make a life would engage in drug abuse and concentrate so little on his education. Ask the campus boy why he smokes ‘weed’ and he will tell you that it is medicine.

He will tell you he can’t approach that campus girl without taking a hit. He will tell you he can’t stay awake in class, as if he even goes to class, if he doesn’t take the drugs.

The breakfast of the campus boy is bhang, lunch is khat and cigarette, and dinner is hard liquor. He is prohibited from thinking; his reasoning is wanting.

It is sad to imagine that these are the future fathers of our generation. What kind of generation will such a father raise? Yes, it is this boy who will go back home and tell elders, “The campus girl is not a wife, I will look for some village girl to marry”.

This kind of person will not find what is missing in the campus girl, even in the village girl. He will never know how to establish a firm marriage, because he knows no such thing as love. He has no heart to feel. He has no brain to think. He is only left with only his body and wherever it leads, he follows.

He leaves his children with no one to look up to, no guidance, no counsel, and finally end up worse than him.

I am always lost in thought whenever I try to think of a better way to save our future generation, than to make a move ourselves. Fellow campus boys, can we change? It doesn’t cost a lot to have one faithful girlfriend if you really have to. It is not too hard to attend classes regularly and become professionals in our areas of study.

What price do you pay to keep off from drugs and alcohol? What do you lose when you forget about the parties, bashes and raves and concentrate on becoming a better person?

To save the future generations, we must change. We must start looking at things in a different way. If not, the campus boy will remain a campus boy, and the campus girl will remain a campus girl, and none of them will ever be fit to form a marriage.

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