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Choosing between NASA or Jubilee similar to placing multibet without a jackpot
By Sally Boyani Mokaya | Updated Jun 15, 2017 at 08:14 EAT
Raila addresses crowd in a past rally

NASA and Jubilee have developed a collective canopy of a two horse race, blocking the sun from sprouting other presidential candidates. Question is, if an auction for these two horses was held today, how much would you cash in?


Jubilee has literally imposed their development record on our memory and they have put it on a time loop. You turn on the TV, it is the Olkaria Energy Project, opt for YouTube, their famous Kenya theme song depicting Uhuru as King Tutankhamun, opt for radio, then a Jubilee voice over 'blesses' your ears. Try walking in town and the entire CBD is humbled with screens, which are basically showing Jubilee's 'achievements'. Newspapers the same. This is content consumer harassment. I am choking on their 'supposed achievements’. Jubilee, we heard you, we got the point.

Also, your manifesto come August 2017. Kindly, do not make any rushed promises like ‘free secondary school education’ for the sake of a blustery weather. Or as laymen say ‘don’t bite what you cannot chew’. 5 years and still sand in the hourglass empties, we now see clearly. The laptop project was adrenaline triggered. No caucus had laid a prior execution plan or work out logistics surrounding the project or the best way to approach the programme. That is why money disbursed to the program kept inflating without any solid reason; computer labs with Einstein desktops would have done just fine.


Being a diplomatic president is good, quite charming for the international arena. It encourages bilateral and multilateral relations; because of the president’s diplomatic savvy, my flag was raised at the G7. However, youths are still jobless, inflation rate is still high, cartels are growing stronger, and Kenya is on a path to receivership. Point is, Jubilee is focused on international diplomacy and politics beyond Kenya's borders and delegated domestic politics to our weak corrupt institutions. Whenever I think of Kenya’s institutions, I picture collapsed walls hugged with black moss, busted sewers flooding suffocated and people in suits working inside.

Advertising your development record in every platform at every hour will not change the fact that you had a good plan but made the wrong decisions. You had your chance but took it for granted. For now, I cannot promise you my vote.


The difference between Jubilee and NASA horsemen is that Jubilee has a manifesto reading "More debts" and NASA has a manifesto reading "We will win elections even if we lose.”

Actually, they remind me of a cry baby who is always rushing to mummy to report a stolen toy. Mummy defends the baby for one too many times until she breaks and coerces the child to stand up and do something, ‘for once’. NASA is crying so much it is toxic. For every rally you hold, Kenyans expect news but you prefer to teach the Old Testament and perform skits, where you assume biblical characters roles. You have nothing new to tell us except the failures of Jubilee, which we know quite well.

Recently, a friend was keen to mention, you have the worst PR strategy team both on ground and online. I did the homework for you and these are the questions Kenyans are asking. How do you plan to solve the Ksh.4 trillion debt? Dividing power into five principles will not reduce our debt. What is your plan with the remaining phases of SGR, Western bypass, and energy hubs? Better yet, how do you plan to fund free secondary education? Key word in your speeches is power. A democratic state, hardly dwells in concepts like power, we prefer service.


NASA have to learn the skills of schmoozing, away with Opposition, relate to Kenyans on a personal level and identify then offer probable solutions. We will then weigh your offers and decide. For now, I cannot promise you my vote.

Kenyans, do you still want to bet without a jackpot?

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