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FASHION FOR CHARITY: Kenyan makes strides in America while helping out motherland
By AR. | Updated Jun 02, 2017 at 15:11 EAT
Ceiphers and Rachel Olweya

Ceiphers Olweya, a Kenyan married to Rachel, a young lady raised in Phoenix are transforming the fashion world in America while at the same time, contributing to Ceipher’s mother country- Kenya.

Their company, Ceiphers Clothing, produces an array of African-inspired creations, blending them with the American-classic look i.e. streetwear. On American classics like pocket tees and dress shirts, they decided to incorporate an African touch – adding Kitenge fabric.

Well, call it African-American, but the truth is that the designs are American, with a little inspiration from Africa.

Ceiphers Clothing are well known in the state of Arizona for their unique but fashionable trends, with Bowties also included.

The Kitenge fabric, which Ceiphers Clothing seeks to blend with American wear, is usually multicoloured, often used on clothes accepted in informal settings or events. Kitenges are well known in Kenya – it is impossible to miss a person who lived in the 90’s, especially a woman not owning a Kitenge. It is safe to say ‘Old is the new new’.

What’s so inspiring about Ceiphers Clothing is the long term benefit it provides to children in Kenya. Whenever a person purchases a product from their stores in America, one dollar is donated to Nyaburi Integrated Primary School for children living with disabilities. This is a bold step for a Kenyan living in America, who helps uplift children living in plight in his motherland.

The money helps Nyaburi school purchase textbooks, wheelchairs, crutches, school supplies and also funds the general development plan. The school also provides farming programs aimed at empowering the surrounding community, in order to achieve a self-sustainable environment.

Why Nyaburi?

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Well, Ceipher’s grandmother (Salome Olweya) is the co-founder of Nyaburi Integrated Primary School, having served disabled children for 33 years.

The fabric (Kitenge) which is slowly becoming famous in America, has been donned before by many celebrities in the past including Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Solange and Kim Kardashian. Its colourful nature makes it characteristically East African.



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