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Raila Odinga clarifies that he will be a one-term president as indicated in the NASA agreement
By Abong'o Robert | Updated May 05, 2017 at 12:53 EAT
NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga

Exactly one week after he was unveiled as National Super Alliance (NASA) flagbearer, Raila Odinga has made it clear that he will serve for one term only as per the NASA agreement that is if he wins the elections come August.

Speaking during an interview on live TV last night, the NASA principal was put to task about the memorandum of understanding he has with his running mate on how long he will be president and he responded by saying, “This agreement will last for five years, after that my work will have ended.”

Raila went on to say that the MoU he has with his running mate has no chance of being disregarded, which is the nature of many agreements in the Kenyan political scene. Publicity of the MoU was one of the reasons the NASA flagbearer cited as to why the agreement is there to stay. He also stated that this time, his team was committed to sticking to the agreement, and that during Kibaki’s tenure, they were sympathetic to the President because of the accident that had an effect on him for a long time.

He also stated that NASA is assured of ten million votes come August and once he wins, there will be no need to change the constitution to accommodate his principals, but will delegate powers to them accordingly.

According to the NASA flagbearer, he believes that the fact that this is the first time general elections will have a ‘two horse race’ at the presidential level, he is confident of clinching majority of the votes come August. He also assured Kenyans that the NASA co-principals have confidence in him all the way to the ballot.

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