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A third-year student hints on why she engages in prostitution despite her family being rich
By Paul Baraza | Updated Apr 15, 2017 at 14:27 EAT

 A third-year student at a local university who engages in prostitution at Wood Avenue at Yaya Centre has revealed that despite her coming from a well up family the urge for men has pushed her to habitually engage in prostitution. 

Speaking to Standard Media Group reporter on Friday the 23-year-old lady said that she is not on the street to practicing prostitution because she doesn’t have money but rather the deep-seated urge for men that she developed after losing her virginity to her campus lover who dumped her for another girl.

“Most of the time I just feel I need men. I can’t have several men on campus because I fear getting stigmatised and isolated by my friends that is why I come all the way from campus to this place to satisfy myself,” said the girl.

According to her, she has a boyfriend whom she loves but he has never known she is a prostitute. Jane, not her real name believes that her ex-boyfriend had certain supernatural powers which negatively impacted on her behaviour.

Jane said that she had never engaged in sex until she was in her second year. She further said that she comes from a Christian background and up to date she is in the university Christian union and actively participates in church activities.

In addition, she said that she had approached several men of God for help but there is no change even after being prayed for.

The girl said that the very first she started experiencing it she had a strange dream whereby several men raped her in a dream. 

She added that when she misses to go out on the street, she is tormented and molested by several men in a dream and after waking up she finds out that for real somebody has raped her.

Jane says the biggest task is informing her diabetic mother about this because she fears that by so doing it will jeoperdise her health.

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